2017 Penitentes El Tolosa 3* FWQ | Freeride World Tour

2017 Penitentes El Tolosa 3* FWQ

19-21 Aug
Los Penitentes
Los Penitentes

For athletes traveling to Los Penitentes, we have a few suggestions:

You can reach Los Penitentes by Road nº7 in the direction of chile if you come from Mendoza capital, at km 161. Penitentes is just over two hour from Mendoza, you will appreciate the beautiful of the Andes on its way. Penitentes have different alternatives located on the base of the slopes as: La herradura, En el límite, La barraca, El parador and Bar chillout. The complex has 8 lifts, 2 chairlifts and 6 ski lifts, 25 slopes, 1 sonwpark and 300 hectares of ski terrains. Powder snow, dry and compact most of the season, it is considered of the highest quality. More than 9 different accomodation options, and special offers for the riders will make your stay an unforgettable experience.