2017 Penitentes El Tolosa 3* FWQ | Freeride World Tour

2017 Penitentes El Tolosa 3* FWQ

19-21 Aug

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- Penitentes is remote. There is no WIFI and cell service is limited.

- The closest ATM is in Uspallata, a 35-minute drive down the valley toward Mendoza (direction Mendoza)

- There is also reliable WIFI in Uspallata.

- Most businesses in Penitentes take cash only. Do not expect to be able to use a credit card for purchases.

- There is no real market or grocery store in Penitentes, If you need supplies you will - have to get them in Los Andes, Chile or in Uspallata, Argentina.

- If driving from Chile into Argentina, the border is open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. The road goes through a high-alpine environment and can close without notice due to storms or other issues.

- If you have a Chilean vehicle, you will need to obtain special insurance and other documentation of ownership to travel into Argentina (this includes rental cars).