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2018 French Freeride Qualifiers Vars 3*

27-28 Jan
  • Name of riding face: First option: Eyssina face “Yeti sup, Yoz sup”(2700m) Second option : Crète de Chabrières (2750m)ext here
  • Vertical drop: First option :  second option : 400m 
  • Length of slope: 1Km
  • Steepness: >40° at the top, >30° on midlle < 30°at the botom
  • Average snow fall (in cm):  300cm min 800cm max
  • Spectator viewing position: From the top of chairlift “sibière” it is possible to see, if you walk 200-300m on the left side(on the flat way) you are on the arrival place.