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2019 10th Pitztal Wild Face Freeride Extreme 2*

The Pitztal Wild Face Freeride Extreme is a 2* Qualifier event of the Freeride World Qualifier Series, although it follows slightly different rules than all the other contests. We have here gathered all the information you need as a rider at the Pitztal Wild Face.


All Pitztal Wild Face runs are being timed, not judged as usual at Freeride World Qualifier events. There will be a qualification run and a final run. At the qualification run, 150 riders will be able to participate, whereof the best 65 (+5 qualified runners from 2018) move forward to the final, which constitutes the main event.
These 65 finalists will be split into different categories (men, women, ski, snowboard) according to the number of registered riders for the qualification in each category.