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2019 Iceland FJT 1* U-16 Ski Men

13-14 Apr
  • Name of riding face: Illvidrishnjukur Sydsti (785m) or Skardshnjukur (800m): ranges from northwest to northeasterly aspects
  • Elevation: All venue options will maintain starting gates between 650- 850m.
  • Vertical drop: 100-150m
  • Length of slope: To be determined.
  • Steepness: Meets requirements.
  • Average snowfall (in cm): Snowfall in Iceland is very difficult to gage as the winter winds transport and deposit massive amounts of snow, leaving some areas barren and others loaded up to or even more than 10 meters. The peaks surrounding Siglufjordur hold snow from October into late May.
  • Spectator viewing position: Terrain in Iceland is treeless from the ocean to the mountain peaks, making the competition faces visible from anywhere in the ski resort as well as from the town of Siglufjörður. The finish arena will be slightly outside of the top ski lifts of the resort and host a small event arena where spectators are encouraged to grab a seat and view the action from up close.
  • More info: https://www.theempireexpeditions.is/competition-venues


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