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2020 Grand Raid Chamonix Junior 2* U-16 Ski Men

20-22 Apr

The competition will have an original concept and will be made up of 3 timed qualifying Grand Raid races done in pairs and a ‘line-catcher’ style individual final! You can sign up either alone or already in pairs so don't miss it!

Format of the event:

Qualifying round: Grand Raid QUALIFYING races

  • Three Timed races
  • Done in pairs
  • No prior face-check
  • Individual rankings based on timed scores for each rider in each category (ski men, ski women, snowboard women and snowboard men).

Final round: 'Line-catcher' style FINAL

  • Best ranked riders from Grand Raid races will compete
  • Individual competition
  • Freeride race with man-made kicks on the face
  • Face-check prior to the race
  • Criteria: speed, fluidity, quality of jumps and line choice