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2021 Ride & Play Hemsedal Junior 2* U-18

01-02 May
Ski & Snowboard

Ride and play combine different elements of modern freeride skiing & snowboarding.

Together with a freeride face (** star FJT) we will combine the different sides of skiing/snowboarding, we will mix features from different categories, such as slopestyle, bigair, rails and gates. The course will start and finish with a playful freeride face, in the middle we will build manmade features.

Course overview

  • Top part, playful freeride face
  • Middle part featured course with jumps and rails
  • Bottom part, playful freeride face
  • Finish, man-made feature

In the end the winner will be the rider with the most skills up his/her sleeve and the fastest run.

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