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Not sure if you're ready for winter yet? Check out our fail safe list of the freshest films guaranteed to make you want to ride! 

A few weeks ago we gave you a list of the best ski film festivals around Europe and North America to get you ready for winter. If you couldn't make it to any festivals or are still not ready, we have prepared a quick list of the best ski films around guaranteed to get you excited to ski. 


1: Winterland - Teton Gravity Research 

Teton Gravity Research (TGR) have been a big (maybe the biggest) name in ski and snowboard films for 20 years. With their films regularly stacked with the best riders in the game Winterland is no different. The film features full segments from snowboarders and skiers including FWT riders old and new such as Jeremy Jones, Sam Smoothy and Tim Durtschi. The film is now available to stream, you can find out more info on their site


2: The Collective - Faction 

A central part of Faction's ethos is about skiing being fun, this has been a key topic in their webseries and first film (This Is Home). If you have to choose one thing that The Collective does, it makes you want to go riding with your friends! The mind blowing big mountain segment with FWT veteran Sam Anthamatten and FWT charger Andrew Pollard is not to be missed. (Be warned, it might make you want to quit your job and move to the Alps though). The full film is now available. You can watch it here


3: Midnight Tales - Yucca Films

Through her snowboarding career Marion Haerty has competed in several disciplines in the sport, although none where she has felt more at home than freeriding. Midnight Tales focuses on Marion's move from freestyle to freeride and what she has learnt in the process. Marion's ease at which she ticks off some classic Chamonix steeps shows just how at home she is in the mountains


4: 121 - Legs of Steel

The Legs of Steel crew are well known for their films packed with banger shots and ground breaking tricks. Their latest film 121 focuses on the simplest elements of skiing, "jumps, lines and deep powder". Featuring riding from Markus Eder, including his winning 2019 Verbier Xtreme run 121 shows just how fun skiing can be. The film is now available you can watch it here


5: Southern Alps - Sébastien Varlet / MFC Syndicate 

For years New Zealand has been producing some of the FWT's strongest riders. Sam Smoothy, Sam Lee, and Craig Murray are just some of the riders who grew up in the Southern Alps and went on to have an important impact on the FWT. It is the culture of skiing in New Zealand that has inspired Craig Murray along with his brother Charles and friend (FWQ charger) Jamesa Hamption to film Southern Alps. The film is available now, you can watch it here


6: Naked - GIRLS UP

100% woman powered, Naked is all about earning your turns and showing just how much better it is to do it by foot. A film focused on riding with friends it is bound to get you psyched to head out into the mountains and go riding! Naked follows FWT Champion Marion Haerty, FWT shredder Juliette Willmann and FWQ rider Agathe Janni on their winter in the French Alps


7: Suijin - Carl Regnér 

Japan is widely seen as a mecca deep powder skiing. Whether it be for personal trips or ski films the crazy amounts of snow combined with the richness of the Japanese culture has made Japan a must for any freeriders. For Ollé and Carl Regnér this is no different. Their latest project Suijin is inspired by the Shinto god of water and will be focusing on skiing in Japan. Keep an eye out, this is not to be missed

8: Through Darkness - Manuela Mandl

During in winter in the far north of Norway, the mountains are plunged into darkness for most of the season. For many this is a barrier to accessing the mountains and riding them. For 2018 FWT Champion Manuela Mandl and 4 friends, the darkness becomes an opportunity to explore the mountains from a new perspective. 100% splitboard powered, Through Darkness sheds new light on snowboarding and the way we look at the mountains. 


9: Defiance - Sherpas Cinema 

Over the last few years Victor de Le Rue has been pushing the boundaries of snowboarding through films and in the FWT. Defiance is no different. This time teaming with up with Jake Blauvelt and Leanne Pelosi they head to British Columbia with Sherpas Cinema. The result is one of the most original and exciting snowboarding films we've seen this year! 


10: More Than Skiing - Hedvig Wessel

 From mogul skiing to freeriding, Hedvig Wessel has transformed her skiing and skiing career over the past few seasons. Her journey has been well documented through her webseries Hedvig's Way, with a consistant focus on the human side of the sport. In the 8th episode Hedvig heads to the fjords of Norway with 3 of her closest friends on a mission to access skiable lines by boat. The episode is now touring with the Shades of Winter film fesitval

11: Skiing Between - Yann Rausis

For Yann Rausis skiing is much more than just a sport, it's a lifestyle. His latest project "Skiing Between" is the result of a life built around skiing and living in the mountains, and you can clearly see it has paid off. Every line is both asthetically pleasing and super cool! Packed with hidden spots filmed in and around Verbier, Switzerland this film is bound to get you picking out new lines on every face you see. 


If after all of this you are still not excited for the lifts to start turning then we are not sure what to do... You can catch Tim DurtschiAndrew PollardSam LeeCraig MurrayCarl Regnér, Marion HaertyJuliette Willmann, Manuela Mandl, Hedvig Wessel, and Victor de Le Rue at the first stop of the FWT20 in Hakuba, Japan, in January. 

Congratulations you've made it, winter has arrived! 

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