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2018 ski men wild cards

PC cover from left to right: George Rodney, Markus Eder and Taisuke Kusunoki by Dom Daher.

The news is now OFFICIAL!

George Rodney (USA), Markus Eder (ITA) and Taisuke Kusunoki (JPN) will join the FWT18 game! The three skiers got a wildcard for the upcoming season of the Freeride World Tour. A good opportunity for us to ask them answer few questions about this season invitation.


  • What’s your goal on your come back to the FWT ?

George: To ski the Bec des Rosses from the top!

Markus: I feel like I haven’t been able to do my best and that’s my ultimate goal. If it’s enough for the win it’s even better.

Taisuke: My goal is skiing my best at FWT and making my riding evolved as good from other world-wide skiers. And reaching a podium is of course my final goal!


  • What did you miss the most from FWT ?

George: A back flip that’s bigger than the biggest straight air of the day. 

Markus: This year was my first season of only filming and no competing at all, which was definitely awesome but the thing I’ve definitely missed is to be competing.


  • What do you wanna say to 2017 World Champion Leo Slemett?

George: Couldn’t have been more stoked to see you win last year buddy. I was rooting for you from day 1. It's been a wild ride sense we first met at Snowbird years ago. Lets put on a good show this winter.

Markus: comment TU t'appelles?

Taisuke: Congratulations for 1st prize on 2017! Let’s ski together next time, and looking forward to seeing your great line in next competition!


  • Name a trick you promise to the FWT fans you’ll score during a competition…

George: Aback flip that’s bigger than the biggest straight air of the day. 

Markus: Those promises… Hmmm, I’d definitely like to go for a Rodeo 540!

Taisuke: Just want to make massive jump!