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2022 FWQ Final Jasna Recap

The second FWQ Final took place in Jasna, Slovakia on Saturday the 12th of March...

The stakes and tensions among riders were higher with two out of the three final scores counting overall towards the FWQ Final rankings. In comparison to Nendaz, the face was steeper and contained more cliffs, which allowed for different lines to be pursued. Despite this, the snow conditions were icy and hardpack; meaning that riders had to be in control at all times, and small technical mistakes could be deal-breakers for one’s stability, and control.

Ski Women results 

  1.  Astrid Cheylus 
  2.  Megane Betend
  3.  Zuzanna Witych 

Astrid Cheylus completed a fluid and controlled run, which allowed her to claim the win, and this drastically changed the rankings. She is currently now in the running for potentially qualifying for the FWT23 with 3600 pts overall, along with Megane Betand (1st) with 4200 points. Manon Loschi (3rd in rankings) and Zuzanna Witych (4th) are currently within  50 points from each other, and this predicts an interesting battle and watch.  Of course, as seen in this event, a lot can yet change, with the point differences not being as drastic as in the ski men category. Again, the closeness of the rankings highlights the excitement that the new FWQ Finals format cause.

Ski Men results

  1. Simon Perraudin 
  2.  Max Hitzig 
  3.  David Deliv 

Simon Perraudin despite getting ranked as a no-score in Nendaz, ignored all pressure and stomped an impressive run that contained freestyle elements in it. This permitted him to claim the win, and has allowed him to join the close-knit of athletes within the ranking battling for a spot on next year’s Tour. 

After Max Hitwig’s, incredible performances, and podium streaks; coming 1st in Nendaz and 2nd in Jasna, he has secured a spot for the FWT23. This weekend, he was also offered an event wildcard for the first competition of the FWT22 Finals in Fieberbrunn. There are now 3 qualifying spots up for grabs, and with the field being extremely close in terms of ranking points, riders will bring everything out to prove themselves. 

Snow Women results 

  1. Claire McGregor  
  2.  Estelle Rizzolio
  3. Anna Orlova 

Claire McGregor was back in the game on Saturday, she landed a fluid and fast run which sent her to the top of the podium. She is one of the FWT riders who are back in the qualifiers and are battling to requalify for the FWT23. This was the confidence boost that she needed in her riding abilities. In terms of the snow women rankings, there is currently only a 900 point difference between the 1st, Anna Orlova and Claire McGregor, currently at third. This ensures a nail-biting watch during the last final in Gurgl.

Snow Men results 

  1.  Liam Rivera 
  2.  Enzo Nilo 
  3. Alix Soria 

This category was not a disappointing watch. Liam Rivera continued his podium streak, he came 2nd in Nendaz and claimed victory in Jasna. With an outstanding two victories, and with 4600 points, he is the first of the snowboard men to have secured a spot for the FWT23. Currently, Christophe Charlet despite coming 4th now in Jasna is contending for that second qualifying spot with 3350 pts. 

The next and final event out of the 3 finals will take place in Gurgl around the 1st of April. This is the pinnacle event of the season, as a lot can change yet, and stakes will be extremely high as riders will want to try and claim the last FWT23 qualifying spots. 

Don’t forget to tune in to the final event of this new FWQ Final event. This is an event that you do not want to miss, so mark it in your calendars! It will have its own must-see live broadcast and will be available through www.freerideworldtour.com, as well as up-to-the-minute updates on social media.