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2022 FWQ Final Nendaz Recap

Road to FWT 2023…

The first of the three finals for region 1 was held on Saturday the 5th of March on the Mont- Gond in Nendaz. Despite the lack of snow, making some features on the face less accessible, it was a great show. The vibe was electric, and we were blessed with a bluebird of a day.

The event also highlighted the hunger, and level that these FWQ athletes have, as the wins were dominated by them.

  • Ski women results and recap
  1. Manon Loschi (FRA) FWQ – 90 Pts
  2. Megane Betand (FRA) FWQ – 84 pts
  3. Jenna Keller (SUI) – 82 pts

An impressive show was put on in the women’s category. Most of the women decided on technical lines, but some were not successful due to hidden sharks, and lack of snow.The twenty-year-old Manon Loschi stomped an impressive run, with great control through rocky bars and ending with an impressive 360. Last year’s winner of the Nendaz Freeride 4*, Megane Betend came 2nd with a fluid run. Jenna Keller was the first woman to drop in on the face, and she left a mark with her fast line, dropping three bars throughout it. She came 3rd overall, but this demonstrates how the level increases every year.

  • Snowboard women results and recap
  1.  Anna Orlova (RUS) FWQ – 80pts
  2. Estelle Rizzolio (FRA) FWQ – 78 pts
  3. Sara Andresen (SUI) FWQ- 72 pts

Anna Orlova who was previously on the Freeride World Tour in 2021, came into the event with the aim of expressing herself and forgetting all the pressure that these events represent. She ended up landing a fluid and flawless run, allowing her to win the event. Estelle Rizzolio continued her podium streak and chose an original line allowing her to come second. Sara Andresen came third with a fluid run, and several clean jumps.

  • Ski men results and recap
  1. Max Hitzig (AUT) WC – 96 pts
  2. Valentin Rainer (AUT) FWT – 92 pts
  3.  Paul Dentan (SUI) FWQ – 91 pts

This category did not fail to impress, most competitors achieved scores above 80 points. The young Austrian, Max Hitzig, surprised everyone with his win, due to his clean, technical run against rocky bars and landed two backflips. This sent him to the top of results. FWT rider, Valent Rainer, with his fluidity, speed in execution, and numerous tricks finished in second place. Paul Dentan’s impressive run which was marked by a huge backflip, allowed him to come in third place.

  • Snowboard men results and recap 
  1. Gabriel Bletton (FRA) FWQ – 89.33 pts
  2.  Liam Rivera (MEX) FWQ – 84.67 pts
  3. Christophe Charlet (FRA) FWQ – 80 pts

This category was the first to drop on the face, and they did not disappoint and foreshadowed the level to come as well. Gabriel Bletton came first, despite it being his first time riding the Mont-God. He chose a different and creative line from the rest, and then landed a perfect backflip and 360. Liam Rivera after winning the FWQ4* in Verbier proved his level by landing two 360s, allowing him to achieve second place. Christophe Charlet came third, dropping a huge bar.

Now the finals have started, it seems that many athletes enjoy and appreciate the new format, as it allows for some leeway’s in scoring. Those who did not achieve their aims have the other two finals in Jasna (11/3/22) and Obergurgl (01/4/22) to prove what they are made of. So, despite the pressure, there is still a lot that could potentially change!

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