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3 Reasons Why You Should Make A Ski Trip To South America Right Now

There are many reasons that you should go to the Andes this year. But despite the amazing terrain, unrivaled hospitality of the locals and the insanely easy access to stunning, unskied peaks, you may need more. Given that, here are 3 more reasons why you need to stop thinking about heading to the Andes this year and just do it.

1. La Parva

Renowned for playful terrain, La Parva has a low-key vibe that’s enhanced by a world-class lift system and hike-to access to the challenging steeps above the resort, including the legendary La Chimenea couloir. In 2018, this venerable ski area hosts its first ever FWQ event from August 3-5, kick-starting the FWQ Andean Located high above Santiago (you can see the city far below on clear days), this unique ski area has hosted a variety of competitions in the past, including FIS speed events and informal freeriding competitions. Blessed with varied terrain, including steep couloirs, broken faces and rolling, open gullies, La Parva is a freeride paradise that’s known as one of the best ski areas in the Andes

Amazing descents await the adventurous in the Andes, including dreamy chutes that remain untracked weeks after storms | Photo: © Freeride Sudamerica

2. Road Trips

Half the fun of chasing FWQ points in the Andes are the vast distances, amazing landscapes and the sense of discovery around every turn. Head south from La Parva and you’ll be following the crest of the Andes. This impressive range is second only to the Himalaya in scope, elevation and mass, but unlike that range, it’s eminently more accessible with easy access up paved roads deep into pristine valleys, no need for porters and even less concern for permits if you want to bag a peak. Despite the wonderful access, many of the best lines that dot these peaks remain unskied, adding unique potential to any trip to South America and making a visit to the region special. Come to compete, stay to chase first descents and mountaineering dreams.

Unreal landscapes are part of skiing in Chile and Argentina. Just another reason to go to the Andes this year | Photos: © Freeride Sudamerica

3. The People

It’s difficult to put into words the warmth and hospitality of the people who call the Andes home. Once outside of Santiago, small Chilean and Argentinian towns nestle in deep valleys, volcanoes and glaciated peaks dot the horizon and life is simple and pure. Communities here are tight-knit but welcome travelers. It’s not unlikely to be invited into a local’s home for dinner or to have an old timer share stories of homesteading the area over a pisco or some mate tea. It’s this chance to be immersed in the local culture that sets the region apart and makes any trip here one highlighted by amazing human connections, connections that seem all too rare in our digital age.

Antillanca, Chile is raw, wild and unlike any place you’ve ever been: just another reason to go to the Andes this year | Photos: © Freeride Sudamerica

Andes FWQ Schedule:

La Parva, Chile 2*:  3-5 August 

Chapelco, Argentina 2*: 24-26 August  

Antillanca, Chile 2*: 7-9 September

Corralco, Chile 2*: 28-30 September