5 WAYS TO PROTECT WATER | Freeride World Tour


Only 1% of the available water on earth is water we can use. 97% is salt water and 2% is inaccessible fresh water. Let's protect this 1% !

4'150L is the amount of water we use per day per person. Of those 4'150L, 4'000 are hidden (food, products we use...) and only 150L is the water we're aware of (shower, flushing the toilets...)

Here are 5 ways you can reduce your water use! 

#1 Control the water you're aware of

It's easier to reduce oour use of the water we're aware of even though it's not the biggest part of our water consumption : taking showers, doing the dishes, flushing the toilets...40% of those 150L we're aware of is shower/bath water. Here are a few easy things you can put in place in your daily life to lower these 150L :

Take showers instead of baths (1 shower = 60L vs 1 bath = 120L)

3min showers : make yourself a "shower musics playlist" that gather songs that do not exceed 3min and pump up the volume when showering... don't cheat you're only allowed 1 song ! 

Switch to an eco shower head to save water and money ! 

Eco shower head flow rate : 6.6L/min (water consumption : 190€ per person per year)

Classic shower head flow rate : 12-15L/min (water consumption : 60€ per person per year)

#2 Lower your meat consumption 

1kg of beef production requires 15'000L of water ! We're not saying you have to turn vegetarian but lowering your meat consumption to just a few times a week will already lower your hidden water consumption a lot. Choosing locally farmed meat can also reduce your water footprint, indeed, locally farmed beef requires 7'500L for 1kg, which is still a lot but way better.

1kg Beef = 15'000L water

1kg Pork = 4'800L water

1kg Chicken =3'900L water


#3 Buy with care 

11'000L is the amount of water needed to produce one single pair of jeans ! The best thing to do is to  buy as few clothes as you can but buy good quality and use them for years. And when you feel an urge for shopping buy second-hand or from an eco-friendly brand.


#4 Cosmetics and cleaning products 

We use an average of 10 cosmetics a day, those products contain an average of 40 chemical products...Which means that we have an average of 400 chemical products on our skin everyday ! Not only is it bad for our skin health but also for the water. Indeed, over 80% of waste water is released back into the environment without adequate treatment ! And same goes with our cleaning products. When buying cosmetics or cleaning products look for the following labels


Eco Label FWT21 Cosmos Organic


#5 Buy second-hand electronics 

12'000L of water is what is needed to produce a smartphone, 35'000L of water is what is needed to produce a laptop ! When buying a new electronic item try to find what you need in the re-packaged products range. You can find certified repackaged products from your favorite brands. The brands run many tests, replace the damaged parts, give it a second-life by selling it to a new user for a cheaper price. It's good for the planet and for your finances !

Where can you reduce your water use? Taking into account even some of these tips will help you reduce your water use, reduce your affect on the planet and help us all keep skiing deeper snow for longer!