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Director and produced David Arnaud goes into detail about the creative process behind Audi's latest collaboration with the FWT. 

The draft was filled with stock footage and external references - long hours were spent browsing stock footage libraries to find the kind of angles and shots I wanted in the final piece.

In terms of animation, a big source of inspiration was "Spiderman: inside the spiderverse" which is a true gem of visual creativity. A must see!⠀

BTS Audi Genesis

The early drafts serve several purposes.⠀

  1. Test the overall architecture of the clip, pacing, music. The main ideas and "chapter points" are already in place (where the draft and final clip meet), while the content in-between those points is still very much a work in progress. Some sequences were moved around, some others disappeared to make room for new ideas.⠀

    BTS Audi Genesis
  2. Kill my darlings! There often will be this idea, this visual you're really attached to that in reality is not going to make your film any better. This time around my "darling" was the electronic cover of the Pixies's "where is my mind" which lyrics I found a perfect fit for the clip... and I really love that cover, that I already used on my showreel... and the track was available for pretty cheap... and it's iconic... BUT the pace was clearly not as energetic. So... I killed my darling.⠀

    BTS Audi Genesis
  3. Give a vision to the illustrator and animator of where the piece is heading and timing for the animations, giving as much context as possible to my requests. There are notes onscreen, which in this case was more straightforward than the collaborative tools that I would normally use. The timeline is like a notebook where you'd sketch stuff quickly, letting ideas flow freely with as little interface as possible. So why not write onscreen! Some stuff I wrote in English, some in italian for my collaborators on the project, it didn't matter as long as things kept flowing.⠀

Behind the scenes Audi Genesis

Above: An early sketch of the first animated sequence.

Another 9 or 10 versions were needed to get to the final cut, finetuning ideas first and then their execution.

BTS Audi Genesis

Big shout-out to Audi and Freeride World Tour for making this kind of project possible!

Thanks again to: Artwork - Pierpaolo Rovero // Animation - Ronal Mirabile // Sound design - Ridgeline Sound // Colour - Silvia Lombardo