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Check out this overview of the key differences between our 2 Freeride World Qualifier (FWQ) regions.

What many riders don’t realize is that there are two distinct regions for FWQ riders based on their nationality. Within these regions, differences exist between some rules and the competition format based on the laws, insurance coverage requirements, and liability within those regions.

Region 1 - Asia, Europe, Oceania (Managed by the FWQ division of the Freeride World Tour)

Region 2 - Americas - Canada, United States, South America (Managed by the IFSA - International Freeskiers and Snowboarders Association)

For details, please consult either the document below or the 2 handbooks directly.

FWQ Region 1 & Region 2 Differences

Handbook Region 1 | Handbook Region 2


Region 1 - Some events include evacuation insurance which is included in the registration fee. All riders must, however, have personal medical insurance, covering extreme sports in the respective countries of the comps.

Region 2 - Riders must provide proof of individual insurance at the athlete check.

Face inspection

Region 1 - The faces will only be inspected visually.

Region 2- Physical inspections may be featured in region 2 comps.

Frontflip / Backflip

Region 1 - Inverts are generally allowed.

Region 2 - It is at the discretion of the event organizer to decide, whether or not they allow them.

Weather rule

Region 1 - If a competition cannot be finished due to weather conditions the results can be validated if at least 2/3 of the riders of a division have completed their runs.

Region 2 - All riders of a division must have had the opportunity to compete, in order for the result to count.

Low visibility

Region 1 - This region does not employ a split judging format.

Region 2 - Split judging is allowed in case of low visibility. This means that judges are separated throughout the venue and radios are used to communicate and establish a clear venue.


Region 1 - Riders earn points if an event is canceled.

Region 2 - Riders do not earn any points in case of cancellation.

Venue closure

Region 1 - Venues are closed up to 30 days prior to competitions (or after the last snowfall prior to the event)

Region 2 - Closure is at the discretion of the organizer.

Mandatory equipment

Region 1 - Riders must have a helmet, back protection, transceiver, backpack with probe and shovel, RECCO device - and if confirmed by the organizer also a harness at all events.

Region 2 - A helmet is always mandatory, while other equipment can be required by the organizer and additional protective gear is recommended by IFSA.


Region 1 - Presence at the prizegiving ceremony is mandatory.

Region 2 - Athletes do not need to be present at the awards ceremony to claim their prizes.

Wild Cards

Region 1 - 5 spots per event, 3 for the hosting resort and 2 for the FWT administration. Some events have additional Wild Cards for winners of preceding comps in the same resort.

Region 2 - Five Wild Card spots are reserved for the hosting resort at 2* and 3* events. At most 4* events, nine total Wild Cards are reserved, five for the hosting resort and four for the winners of each division from the preceding 2* event.

Prize Money

Region 1 - The required prize purse for 3* events is € 5,000 and € 10,000 for 4* events. There are no prize requirements for other levels of competition.

Region 2 - The IFSA strongly encourages a prize purse of at least $ 4,000 for 4* events. There are no prize requirements for other levels of competition.

Category Minimums

Region 1 - There must be a minimum of three athletes per division. If there aren’t three competitors, the division will be canceled. and athletes can choose to compete in the other gender’s division in a mixed gender competition.

Region 2-  If there is not a minimum of four athletes in any division at a 3* or 4* competition, the division will be cancelled. There are no minimums required for 2* events.

Contact Information

Region 1 - fwq@freerideworldtour.com OR juniors@freerideworldtour.com

Region 2 - info@freeskiers.org