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Five reasons Logan Pehota is the perfect son-in-law

Listen up parents! Keep your daughters close to your side but think twice before chasing Logan Pehota away. Here’s the top-five reasons why Logan Pehota would make the best son-in-law in Freeride:


1. It's genetic - There's no doubt that freeride runs in the family of Canadian 21 year-old Pemberton, BC rider Logan Pehota, whose father, Eric, has been putting up cutting edge steep skiing descents in the Whistler backcountry since Logan was a toddler. In the best of times, we can only hope that our offspring receives their parents' best traits and not all of their worst - looks like Logan got the ski genes. With all this family history, there's little doubt his offspring will be a future ripper.

© Dom Daher


2. Freeride pioneer since day one - Logan has been raising the bar for years in the sport of skiing through accolades which include being the youngest person to ever climb and ski the test piece central couloir on Mt. Currie in BC, as well as his recent 2nd place finish on the 2016 FWT. I mean, if there’s one way to marry into success, this is it.

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3. Family matters - Family is always top of the list for Logan and he loves shredding with his brother and dad in the backcountry. Times have changed in skiing and comparing the seasoned Eric’s fabled steep skiing portfolio to the budding freestyle and freeride crossover antics of his son is an inappropriate juxtaposition. However, one thing is for sure: Logan’s proclamation that his parents are the biggest influencers in his life proves this guy has what it takes to cherish family ties while pursuing his passion.


4. A long, bright future - While Logan has just barely broken into the FWT scene, the upcoming years present the opportunity for the Canadian prodigy to once again redefine the sport in the Pehota name. Perhaps the apple doesn’t fall that far from the tree, after all. You gotta get ‘em while they’re young.

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5. Politely Canadian – Have you ever met a rude Canadian? When they’re not playing hockey and chopping lumber, they’re most likely holding the door for your mom or helping some old women across the street. One thing’s for sure – you don’t have to worry about teaching them dinner table manners.

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