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The Freeride World Tour reaffirms commitment to safety

FWT renews partnerships with ISTA and ABS; signs new partnership with RECCO


The Freeride World Tour (FWT) reaffirms its commitment to mountain safety by renewing partnerships with ISTA (International Snow Training Academy) and ABS Avalanche Airbag, and by signing a new agreement with RECCO AB (search and rescue devices).

By working closely with these official safety partners, the FWT aims for the highest level of safety standards in the mountain environment. RECCO Advanced Rescue Technology and ABS Avalanche Airbag partnerships will extend through the 2019 season – 2020 for ISTA – and provide mandatory equipment and snow safety education for athletes for the upcoming seasons.

ISTA is an international progressive avalanche awareness training program founded by freeskier Dominique Perret. The ISTA curriculum was developed for backcountry enthusiasts by over forty experts from nine countries on three continents. All FWT athletes participate in ISTA snow safety training in Chamonix before the first competition of the 2017 season. ISTA instructors include highly-experienced IFMGA guide, Claude-Alain Gailland, and former FWT riders Emilien Badoux and Richard Amacker. For more information regarding ISTA please visit

“Safety is the number one priority for Freeride World Tour. Education is the first and most important aspect of mountain safety. Our partnership with ISTA is therefore an essential pillar of FWT's education mission.”

- Nicolas Hale-Woods, CEO FWT

Avalanche airbags continue to be required equipment for all athletes competing on the FWT and FJWC (Freeride Junior World Championships), as well as certain stops of the FJT (Freeride Junior Tour). The renewed partnership with ABS Avalanche Airbag ensures that these athletes ride with this essential tool for avalanche safety.

New for the 2017 season, event organizers are teaming up with RECCO Advanced Rescue Technology search and rescue to provide snow safety products for every competitor.

“Safety is the number one priority for Freeride World Tour. Thanks to our partnership with RECCO AB, all riders competing at World Tour level, Qualifier level and Junior level, worldwide, will be equipped with a RECCO reflector. In addition to the avalanche transceiver, this second electronic means for rescuers to search for avalanche victims will improve safety.”

- Nicolas Hale-Woods, CEO FWT

“The RECCO Advanced Rescue Technology has been a global standard in professional avalanche rescue for many years. With this cooperation we are proud to say that we are also a standard for the FWT.”

- Johan Sauer, VP RECCO AB

In addition to RECCO reflectors and avalanche airbags, the FWT requires that all competitors in every competition carry an avalanche transceiver, shovel, probe, and know how to use them. Physical protection is provided by mandatory helmets and certified back protection. All equipment, verified on competition day prior to events, is mandatory in order to compete.

For ten years the FWT has encouraged and developed responsible safety practices for athletes, competitors, spectators, and the entire freeride community. The FWT continues to stand by these commitments by partnering with the industry to evaluate and implement new technologies and practices.