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FWQ Updates Americas Region


The FWQ season in Region 2 has officially started with inscriptions open for the season for the Revelstoke, Canada competition. Scheduled from January 09, 2018 until January 12, 2018, this 4* event is the opener when it comes to top-tier competitions in Region 2 and the results there will give athletes and spectators alike the opportunity to gauge where the athletes stand and who to watch as FWT qualifying rolls into the heart of the 2018 season.

Revelstoke will be a two-day event with day one slated for the Separate Reality Venue prior to wrapping up the event in the iconic North Bowl Venue. For additional details of the competition, please go here:

Photo (c) Revelstoke

With conditions already prime in Revelstoke, confidence is high that the venues will be in fantastic shape for the first 4* FWQ event of the Region 2 season, that’s also the case across Canada and in the Northern USA, where early season snowfall on venues such as FWT host Kicking Horse and 4* FWQ host Crystal Mountain is stacking up.

However, athletes in the south are looking at the sky and waiting for Mother Nature to do her thing as we move towards the Christmas season.

It’s been a slow start to the season,” says Taos’ Kaela Gillum, Technical Director of the 4* FWQ Taos Freeride event slated for this New Mexico ski area in March. “But we have a lot of time before we have to start worrying about conditions for the comp. I expect that the southern flow will turn on at some point and we’ll see some big storms with the potential to change everything overnight.”

Photo (c) Cole Pellerin

The outlook is much the same for Crested Butte, which is also below average now, but given the February 10-11 event window, has plenty of time for the venues to come online.  For now, though, all eyes are on Revelstoke, where the snow is deep and the stoke level is high.