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In 2013, two years after FJT events had been added to the FWT calendar, the need for freeride courses that could solidify the base of the pyramid emerged.

FWT together with the Ecole Suise de Ski de Verbier, launched the FWT Club, soon to become the FWT Acdemy.

Nowadays, over 20 resorts in the Alps, but as well in Japan and even Greece propose fun, progressive yet safe programs. Seasonal programs, week-long or daily courses are available for adults and children as of 8 or 10 years old.


In Verbier, 85 rookies aged 8 to 18 years old practice every Saturday and holidays in more than 10 groups of seasonal classes. Fully certified instructors share the lead with mountain guides, freestyle specialists and even pro-riders. Every year, the strongest riders integrate 3 Competition groups which travel in the Alps to take part in FJT events. FWT Academy Verbier counts more than 15 podiums in the last two season, The future generation of FWT riders is getting ready with FWT Academy!

Courses differ slightly from one resort to another, but the fundamentals are always the same :

  • Safety first: riders are never endangered. The instructors are fully certified and trained, when it comes to out-of-bounds riding. Participants do exercice rescue procedures regularly.
  • The right mix: grossly 60% of freeride (a third of it being dedicated to rescue and safety, 2/3 being riding & technique), 30% of skiing / boarding technique, 10% of jumps and freestyle
  • Flexible: small groups allow Instructors to adapt the day program depending on snow and weather conditions, which is one of the key of safe freeriding.

Find out more about the FWT Academy here.

Full list of where you can take part with the Academy here.