“Safety is the number one priority for Freeride World Tour. Education is the first and most important aspect of mountain safety."

Nicolas Hale-Woods, CEO FWT


Including all levels, the Freeride World Tour (FWT) engage more than 5 000 riders at 130 events globally. FWT confirms its commitment to mountain safety by teaming up with RECCO search and rescue, Black Diamond airbags and avalanche transceivers, probes and shovels, Vibram sole to provide snow safety products for every competitor.

It is crucial to have all the equipment, but knowledge is just as important! To keep our riders safe and educated, the Freeride World Tour teamed up with WEMountain, an avalanche training platform to offer online safety education to all our riders.


In addition, FWT promotes and is involved in safety related freeride workshops like the Verbier Freeride Days a new event 100% dedicated to prevention and training for the practice of freeride and ski touring activities, taking place on the 4th - 5th of December. The activities are provided by pros - mountain guides and ski instructors and accompanied by Verbier ambassadors. It is important for us to promote and to create a natural understanding within the younger and older generation.  So, they can actively analyse their surroundings and plan their lines or outings accordingly to their skills.


The FWT requires that all riders in every competition carry and know how to use the following:

  • Helmet

  • certified and separate back protection

  • an avalanche transceiver

  • shovel

  • probe

  • Harness*

  • Avalanche air bag (optional)


* All riders must take their harness to competitions but it will only be mandatory if the organizers announce it prior to or during the riders meeting.

The equipment is checked at a safety point prior to the competition.