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FWT Verbier Academy: End of Season Internal Competition

The season is coming to an end and like every year, the FWT Academy of Verbier organized its internal competition for its 140 members during the season but also allowed to invite riders from the Nendaz Freeride Academy. 

It was under the impulse of Robin Darbellay, responsible for the FWT Verbier Academy, that this friendly competition was held outside the Junior calendar, on the slopes of Lake 2, in Verbier.

Nearly 80 young riders aged between 10 and 18 years old showed their skills to the judges, among them Martin Bender (ski) and Hugo Serra (snowboard) both freshly qualified for the FWT 2024! Hugo is a snowboard coach for the Academy and Martin, after ten years of following the good advice of the instructors in Verbier, is on his way to becoming a pro. He won the Junior Freeride World Championships and next winter, at just 20 years old, he will compete against the FWT riders! A success story that is now possible thanks to structures such as the one set up by the ESS Verbier (thanks Robin Darbellay and Philippe May and all the coaches!).

During the competition on April 8th, the judges were breathless by the skiing technique, the freestyle skills and the maturity of the riders present. With 360's, 720 flatspins and huge, controlled transfers, the best riders demonstrated that in just a few seasons of lessons, the level they have acquired gives them access to the top of the European rankings. 

As proof, the FWT Verbier Academy  trusts the best places of the Juniors this winter with Jordan Ray and Arno Vuarnier ranked first ex-aequo in the Ski Men U18 as well as Noam Rouiller, 3rd in the Ski Men U16 and Elfy Rouiller who finished 4th in the Ski Women U18.

In a friendly atmosphere, the prize-giving ceremony allowed five young talents from the FWT Verbier Academy to climb the highest step, thus following in the footsteps of Martin Bender, and auguring a bright future for freeriding in the Val de Bagnes!

The winners of the day are : 

Mattéo Kilpatrick U12

Henri Cattaneo U15

Johan Bachofner U18

Mia d'Orlando WU15

Elfy Rouiller WU18

Kéo Rouiller SNB