Hakuba 2* Wrap Up by Mons Royale | Freeride World Tour

Hakuba 2* Wrap Up by Mons Royale

The snow keeps falling while we wait for the 4* to kick off!

FWQ competitor Josefine Lutzau made the journey to Japan on a whim and a prayer.   Without a spot in the 4*, all of her fingers and toes were crossed to conjure up a place on the start list.  Jose linked up with event commentator Neil Williman and FWT competitor Christoffer Granbom in Zurich for the journey to Hakuba, Japan. 

Happo One Ski Resort (credit: Anna Smoothy)

Neil saw fit to hang with Jose, Christoffer and the cabin class peasants just momentarily before being whisked up to first class to sip champagne, discuss capitalism and snack on caviars. 

Expert Onry (credit: Marian Krogh)

Japan’s culture is phenomenally different from what a lot of this crew experience on the daily, making this FWQ event more adventurous than most.  From vending machines sporting every possible want, need and fetish to the beautiful environment, people and POW – this trip is off to an excellent start. 

(credit: Neil Williman)

The 2* event took place on Wednesday, international riders were stoked and local riders sent it deep!  Japanese Freeriders graced more podiums than not, with the top five Ski Men all being from our host country.  Amid all of the excitement Josefine Lutzau locked in third place in the 2* Event, a starting position in the 4* (coming up soon!) AND managed to throw together this snazzy edit about her journey here with the boys and getting wet feet on the way out of the 2* Venue. 

Ski Women Hakuba 2* Podium (credit: Anna Smoothy)

Wet feet but not cold feet - #warmwhenwet – this FWQ Wrap Up was brought to you by Mons Royale – Hey Cheers!