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Taking a greener approach to freeriding is crucial in making our sport more sustainable for the future. Here are some tips on just how to do that! 

Offsetting your carbon emissions by planting trees is a good way to help balance out the footprint from your freeriding trips! Here's a little bit more information on how to get started

Step 1 - Choose your offsetting platform well : Following our researches, we would advise to offset through as they are chosen by many trustworthy organisations and names (ex. Bertrand Piccard) and offer only projects certified by credible and well established international standards.

Step 2 - Enter your flight information (incl. transit airports) in the platform’s calculator

Step 3 - Choose the project you want to offset your flight through within the ones that come up. Elements to help you choose your project : 

  • Choose a project certified by either the VER standard or the Plan Vivo standard
  • Read about the project and check the video in the project presentation to see which one you feel you want to invest in
  • For obvious reasons, an international project is always cheaper than a Swiss project, but if it’s important for you there are some Swiss projects on offer

Step 4 -  Click on « add to cart » and follow the payment instructions

It’s as simple as that ! 

If you are interested in learning more about what the Freeride World Tour are doing to help fight climate change click here