After spending hours in the plane on a powder hunt this winter what about going green with our travels this summer?

Now that summer is almost in full swing and people are beginning to lock in their plans for the months ahead, we have put together a few tips on how you can take a sustainable approach with your travel plans this summer. Whether it's hopping on the bike to get to work, exploring the options of a STAYcation or even being more conscious of recycling all these tips can make a difference for our planet.

1 / Go discover the local hidden gems

This stunning photo was taken in Flims, Switzerland, who would have guessed ? The world is filled with amazing places, it's time to discover the ones that do not involve an 8 hour plane journey. Get inspired with these mini-adventure guides:

2 / Choose your mean of transportation wisely

Sounds pretty obvious but the best way to lower the impact of your summer holidays is to choose public transports or soft mobility over taking the plane.

  •  Take the bus, the train, carpool...
  •  If you need to rent a car, rent an hybrid or electric car, and always choose the smallest car you can
  •  Bike touring is a great way to slow down, enjoy the landscape...and keep your legs fit for the winter!
  •  Hike parts of the PCT, around Mont-Blanc, on the Lechweg trail... "it's the journey, not the destination" they say!
  •  Skate! Use your longboard as a mean of transportation for an all new way of traveling! Like this guy who followed the Californian coast riding his longboard

3 / Pick eco-friendly accommodation

To lower your water, energy and Co2 consumption on holidays, choose hotels / campsites using green electricity, water flow reduction, recycling, local supplies... You can recognise them by using the different ratings like Green Key or the Five-Leaf System.

An easy option is to book through Ecobnb for an eco-friendly accommodation or through Bed'n'tree to plant a tree every time you book accommodation!

4 / Support the local community

  • Eat LOCAL
  • Shop LOCAL
  • Meet the LOCAL community by doing some eco-tourism

5 / Think about the planet in everything you do...

Just apply whatever you do at home on holidays:

  • Recycle
  • Say NO to plastic
  • Avoid packages
  • Unplug all electronics at home before leaving (except the fridge maybe ...!)
  • Choose an eco-friendly sun screen (oxybenzone contained in sun-screen harms marine life in a big way)
  • Respect the wild life...