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With snow falling all over the Northern Hemisphere FWT Riders have been capitalising on the early start to Winter 2020


Tao Kreibich 

After a full season down in New Zealand, Tao has headed back to Austria and is in full attack mode. Not many of us are throwing side country backflips on opening day... 

Wadeck Gorak

Down in Ubaye, Wadeck has broken out the skins to make the most of the recent snowfalls. 

Jaclyn Paaso

FWT legends Jackie Paaso and Reine Barkered have been cruising through the trees in Åre. 

Kristofer Turdell

Kristofer has being enjoying unbelievable start to the Norwegian winter! Already skiing couloirs under the setting sun. 

Yann Rausis

As we reported last week Verbier announced a last minute early opening for the coming weekend. FWT rider Yann Rausis was there to enjoy the fresh snow.