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Los Penitentes 3* Preview

Competitors range from Argentinian locals and athletes from neighboring Chile to Europeans from Spain, France and Italy as well as North American athletes, including last year’s Men’s Ski Winner, United States athlete Andrew Rumpf, from Aspen, Colorado. Rump, who is ranked in the top 30 overall in the global FWQ standing headlines a stacked field of athletes, including Chilean athletes Matias Doherty (20th overall Freeride Sudamerica Rankings, Men Ski) and Claudia Aliaga (1st Overall Freeride Sudamerica Rankings, Wmn Ski) and French snowboarder Hugo Serra who comes to Los Penitentes with top level finishes in 2016 including 1st at the First Track Freeride Chandolin 3* FWQ event and 5th at the Arc 1950 French Freeride Qualififer 2*.

The proposed venue, athletes need to be aware that due to the avalanche debris and the firm conditions, event organizers are considering a new venue that remains clean from previous avalanche activity.

With spring conditions and an ideal weather forecast of warm temperatures and softening snow for the competition days on Saturday, August 20 and Sunday, August 21, the weather is ideal at this high mountain resort located outside of Mendoza.

It’s awesome to see so many athletes from so many different countries here in Los Penitentes,” says Tom Winter, Freeride World Tour Americas Manager. “The Andes are special and Los Penitentes is unique. The mountain has amazing terrain, there’s great ski touring and ski mountaineering starting from the top of the lifts and the venues are fantastic. A lot of the athletes who haven’t heard of this ski area will be blown away when they get up on the mountain. It’s an Andean freeriding Mecca, a true ‘secret spot’ that people really don’t know about.”

Moonrise over the Andes. The mountains surrounding Los Penitentes are beautiful.

We are pleased to welcome the FWQ athlete community to Los Penitentes,” says event co-organizer Fede Bortoni. “I learned to ski here and it’s cool to share this place with everyone. There are a lot of great athletes here and we expect a very high level of competition.”

With the weather cooperating and the athletes rolling into town, this little ski area is poised to host one of the parties of the season. Stay tuned for more information and updates as the event unfolds.

Depending upon conditions, event organizers may relocate the event to this new venue. With warming temperatures, this lower elevation site will soften faster, allowing for fun spring conditions for the athelets.

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