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Audi and Freeride World Tour present a new short film depicting the variety of situations and feelings experienced by the riders during their journey on the FWT. 


When you're in the start gate, there’s no pretending, no faking, no cheating. Every emotion is raw, real, unaltered. There is #nofilter. Competing on the FWT strips away our masks and fabricated personalities. We find ourselves naked. Passion and emotion overturn reason, and this is when experiences become unique, touching and essential. 

This short film condenses the heart and soul of Freeride World Tour in a 90-sec narrative, seen and experienced from those who live it and love it. We depict the variety of situations and feelings experienced by the riders and those around them during their journey on the FWT: victories, fear, excitement, frustration, injuries, comeback stories, joy, friendship, awe, peer pressure, judges bashing, social media attention… These all add up to a complex and fascinating mix of emotions.

Strong emotional scenes from FWT, competition action and nature shots are combined to shed a moving and authentic light on the series. An inspirational and blunt voice-over takes the viewer through the raw and intense experience of competing on the FWT, and what this means for the athletes and the Tour as a whole. Towards the end of the clip it becomes apparent that all along this voice was that of the mountain, the main and central character of FWT… with all the complex emotions associated with its calling in a competitive environment.