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New Developments for Freeriding in the Andes

With snow falling in the southern hemisphere, the Freeride World Tour is proud to announce new opportunities for freeriding in South America, with one confirmed 2* Freeride World Qualifing (FWQ) event in Chile slated for August 7 and several more events close to being finalized.

“We’ve been working hard with partners in both Chile and Argentina to develop high-quality professionally run FWQ competitions,” says Tom Winter, Freeride World Tour Americas Manager. “This region has some challenges in regards to logistics and operational methodologies, but the mountains, the snow and the passion for freeriding are there, and we hope that by working closely with local and regional partners that we will be able to announce a full slate of FWQ events shortly.”

Meanwhile, all eyes are on Cerro Castillo, a remote mountain that will provide the venue that jump-starts the freeriding season in the Andes. With it’s status as a 2* FWQ event now confirmed, Cerro Castillo becomes the most southern FWQ event in history. The Patagonian region of Chile is wild, exotic and remote, with many unskied peaks and humble locals filled with passion for their mountains and their country.

“This is a very interesting place,” says Freeride Sudamerica’s Sebastian Munoz Molina. "It is remote, wild and raw. The venue is excellent and we are really proud to introduce the southernmost FWQ competition on the planet to the world.”

A fun, playful face featuring large cliffs for when conditions are right, Cerro Castillo’s venue has something for everyone.

“It’s a remarkable spot for a competition,” adds Winter. “With a hike-to venue and a small but very passionate group of skiers and snowboarders, we feel privileged to have Cerro Castillo become part of the FWQ family.”

The 2* FWQ event is part of a larger celebration of winter sports, the Juegos Invernales De La Patagonia. With ice climbing, mountaineering and other events, this winter sports festival is unique in Chile and is quickly becoming a must-see, must-do event for snow and action sports enthusiasts across the Andes.

“We feel honored that they’re including us in this unique festival,” adds Molina. “It’s a very special place, with special people and it’s exciting to be part of it.”

For more information, please visit the event website: Juegos invernales de Patagonia 2* 2017