New Short Film, FAR BETWEEN by Craig Murray Out Now! | Freeride World Tour

New Short Film, FAR BETWEEN by Craig Murray Out Now!

Separated by the mighty Pacific and 6 months, Far Between is a collection of just that, moments few and far between. Getting just one satisfactory clip can be a day's work. Travelling into the backcountry, getting lucky with conditions, and striking weather windows right is a fine art. Doing this with one friend in two opposing corners of the globe makes things even harder to line up. The distance, time or a cracked sternum didn't detour Finlay Woods and Craig Murray and with clips from both sides of the equator we present: Far Between.

Criag Murray Far Between Short Film Promo @Clederer


What is the most striking observation of climate change you have had?

I studied glaciers in my University degree so have seen some drastic changes in case studies around the globe. The glaciers in Aotearoa NZ are very vulnerable to climate change due to being on an island in the Pacific Ocean. Our weather is extreme and drastic so slight changes can have a large effect on the glaciers. Glaciers are hyper-sensitive to these changes, so they can act as accurate indicators and also unique natural labs to study past climate.

As a rider, what is your position about traveling around the world for competing?

I will be transparent and say that my opinion often contradicts my position. Not trying to deflect anything, but I do think the Freeride World Tour could look to hold all their stops within a different continent each year, instead of traveling to multiple continents every year. It's a shame that we have to travel so far to compete and it would be one of the reasons if I stop in the coming years. I personally do everything I can to not just minimise my footprint, but also increase my positive impact. I calculate everything from my day to day impacts as well equipment and travel. My impact can be cut down significantly with things such as general consumption, reducing and reusing resources and materials. From small things like avoiding packaging wherever possible and shopping locally. Not to mention using rubbish and recycling bins correctly as well as having a functional compost and vegetable garden where possible.

How often do you travel by plane a year?

Two main flights crossing an ocean (return trip)

Criag Murray Far Between Short Film Promo @JBernard


How do you access the different mountains in New Zealand?

Our trips are either a foot approach, ski touring off a resort, or a heli bump into a base camp where we then ski tour and climb. Highway Seventy Three was all human powered or backcountry touring off a resort. Luckily I grew up in a human powered family with type 2 fun being normalised. This has resulted in me not often being deterred by some hard work for access. When filming things can be logistically tricky. Luckily drones help a lot to capture some remote backcountry locations and lines that are inaccessible for film crews.

How do you imagine reinventing your habits of traveling as a professional skier?

It's an ongoing duty and I will always be working to reduce my footprint. I am trying to organise local filming and trips this winter. When I do travel, I am making sure to be productive and achieve multiple things on the trip.

What would be your ideal world?

More consciousness for our natural environment but also social wellbeing. I think environmental ceilings are intrinsically linked to human wellbeing and need to be addressed as so in the worlds of finance and economics. I hope to see a little more political action and top-down environmental regulation in the near future. I feel that it might be one of the last few ways to make significant changes.

Any last thoughts or comments?

It's my responsibility as someone that travels to be transparent about my impact, but this doesn't relieve any guilt and stop me from thinking about it every day. I hope people feel like they can approach me and have a conversation about it. I am open to everyone's ideas, different impacts and ways to manage that. The biggest thing for me is that the way forward has no room for blind hate or criticism. It has plenty of room for discussion and collective action.