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November storm front brings first snowfalls to Europe. 

For those of us living in Western Europe, the last week has been decidely miserable weather. But with the arrival of cold weather and rain in November there is always a silver lining! It has been snowing in the Alps.  With freezing level floating around 2000m anywhere above the tree line has been getting covered in snow. 

Verbier, Switzerland 

November snow

Above you can see the current situation at the top of Mont Fort in Verbier. At 3300m the webcam is about to be frozen shut.  It has clearly been snowing pretty heavily, and current forecasts are predicting the snow will keep falling for the at least the next 14 days! The lift operators have announced that Verbier will open THIS WEEKEND, so if you live nearby grab your skis and head to the mountains! Winter in Switzerland has begun. 

Latest update from Verbier! 

November snow    November snow


Fieberbrunn, Austria

November snow

At a slightly lower elevation than Verbier, Fieberbrunn has received a little a bit less snow. However it is clear from the forecast that temperatures are predicted to continue falling and storm clouds to return. After a record breaking winter last year all eyes are focused on Austria to see if winter 2020 will go down in history as another unbelievable season where waist-deep days are the norm

Ordino Arcalis, Andorra

November snow

At 2554m Ordino-Arcalis has not been left out of the European storm cycle, in fact it looks like it could even open tomorrow! A quick look at the forecast tells us that Ordino is not going to be left out of the coming storms, with a small storm front staying trapped over the pyrenees! 

November snow

Kicking Horse, Canada 

The late October / early November snow has not only been falling in Western Europe, but Kicking Horse as well! 

November snow

We posted back in mid-October when Kicking Horse received its first snowfall of the 2020 winter season. Since then it has continued snowing in BC and it's looking like the start of the Canadian season is going to get off to a great start

With the snow falling in the mountains the atmosphere in the FWT HQ is electric, we can't wait to get back out there and for the FWT20 to begin! If there has been snow falling on your local mountain we'd love to see it! Tag @freerideworldtour on facebook and instagram to share the love. 

Here's to winter 2020 being the deepest yet.