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Only a few days to go till the FWQ Final Region 1 Jasna

With nearly a week to go till the last FWQ Final in Oberurgl, it’s important to take note of the current rankings, in order to understand how crucial the last event is.

Currently, there are athletes who are very close together in the rankings, and one day could ruin their chances of qualifying. However, riders who have been trailing behind, or who have been slightly disappointed with their riding, still have a chance. Of course, it all depends on their results on the day of the competition. Here’s who to look out for in the battle for qualifying spots for the FWT23.


There’s only one qualifying spot obtainable in the snow women category. Currently, after the first two FWQ Finals, Anna Orlova is 1st with 3900 points, with Estelle Rizzolio in second place with 3800 points, and in third place Claire McGregor with 3000 points.The point difference is very tight, and there is not currently one clear winner. In Gurgl, if Claire wins, she will be joining the FWT23, however, if she is second or below, Anna will be the one qualifying.


With immense results this season, Liam Rivera has already qualified for the FWT23; meaning that there is only one qualifying spot up for grabs. Gabriel Bletton who is currently 3rd in the rankings with 2800 points has a very high possibility to qualify. This of course relies on him winning or coming second. However, if he comes third, this opens the possibility for the fight to qualify to descend between Christophe Charlet and Hugo serra (of course depending on their results on the day).


There are two qualifying spots for the ski women to contend over this year. As seen in the last two FWQ Finals, the level is extremely high, with different riding techniques and style. The first three riders in terms of points are close together. Currently, Megane Betend leads the rankings with 4200 points, followed closely with Astrid Cheylus with 3600 points (in second), and Manon Loschi in third with 3400 points. Despite, the current standing, Megane will only grab a qualifying spot if she wins. Meanwhile, Astrid and Manon have higher chances, as individually if they come 1st or 2nd they could claim the qualifying spots.


After finally deciding to compete, May Hitzig, due to a strong performance and final wildcard has dominated the field and already qualified for the FWT23. Due to this, there are three spots left and till the final result is confirmed, it will be a stress enducing experience. There are a group of athletes who are ranked very closely, and due to the best two results counting, some athletes who are trailing behind could suddenly grab a spot of the FWT next year if they win at OberGurgl.This is the case for riders such as David Deliv (4th in the rankings), Paul Dentan, Edvin Olsson, and Elias Meister. Meanwhile, Valentin Rainer needs to secure a podium in order to qualify. Simon Perraudin is also in the same situation but has more leeway, as he is able to come 4th without missing out on the opportunity to join the tour.

Don’t forget to tune in to the final event of this new FWQ Final event. This is an event that you do not want to miss, so mark it in your calendars! It will have its own must-see live broadcast and will be available through, as well as up-to-the-minute updates on social media.