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OPEN FACES Finals in Gastein

Last weekend the grand season final of Austrians OPEN FACES CONTESTS took place in Gastein. It was the first time a two-star-Freeride World Qualifier-contest was staged in Gastein and the face „Mauskarspitze“ turned out as decisive for the Austrian Freeride Series- title within the ski men category: Tao Kreibich not only finished first in Gastein but also gained the Austrian Freeride Series Master-title for the first time in his career.

Gastein winners Tao Kreibich, Malene Madsen, Mara Neumayr, Otto Greither // photo: Andreas Vigl

For the grand final of the contest season, riders out of 11 nations came to Gastein, Austria, for the first time to compete on the playful face called ‚Mauskarspitze`. Not only the suprising face, but also the weather conditions and the perfect vibes in the event area topped up a great Freeride World Qualifier season in Austria.

Tao Kreibich takes day-victory and wins the Austrian Freeride Master title

Tao Kreibich took the victory of the contest in Gastein and the title of the Austrian Freeride Master, as well as important points for next years Qualifier-season: ‘I’m super happy. The FWQ**OPEN FACES in Gastein was just perfect. The organizers did a great job and the face was awesome.’ Second came Patrick Gstrein (Austria) in front of Benjamin Pichler, another Austrian.

Tao Kreibich securing his Gastein and overall Austrian win // photo: Moritz Ablinger


Alex Hoffmann wins the Austrian Freeride Master title- Germans Otto Greither the day-victory

Alexander Hoffmann could take the victory in the snowboard category of the Austrian Freeride Series: “A perfect ending of the season”, he said. The day-victory within the snowboard men went to German`s Otto Greither who showed a solid run despite the tough spring- conditions towards the end of the competition. Second came Gabriel Indrist from Austria. In third was Jelle Beenker from the Netherlands.

Malene Madsen with second season-victory

Within the ski ladies category Sabine Schipflinger already had enough points throughout the season to watch the Gastein-contest as a spectator at the public area. Sabine takes the title of the AUSTRIAN FREERIDE SERIES MASTER for the second time after 2014: ‘After being injured last year, it feels great to get rewarded with the title at the end of the season”, Sabine mentioned. The day-victory went to Malene Madsen (Denmark) who celebrated her second victory at a two-star-contest this season. Second came Jacoba Kriechmayr (AUT), third Hannah Haglund from Sweden. Austrians Mara Neumayr took the Gastein-victory within the snowboard ladies in front of Svenja Hansen from Germany and Tamara Fritz from Austria.

Mandl crowns season with Austrian Freeride Series-title

After celebrating five Freeride Qualifier-victories in a row, Freeride World Tour rider-Manuela Mandl, joined the OPEN FACES GASTEIN as a spectator and was happy to receive the trophy for being the best Austrian female on the snowboard: “I am happy to hold the title for a second time in my career.”

Austrian National Champions Alex Hoffmann, Tao Kreibich, Manuela Mandl, Sabine Schipflinger // photo: Mia Knoll


Preparations for the next OPEN FACES season are already on

The OPEN FACES CONTEST in Gastein was a perfect ending of the fifth season of the OPEN FACES FREERIDE CONTESTS. More than 500 riders out of 22 nations took part at  nine OPEN FACES CONTESTS in six different resorts.