Pangea Presents: The Front Lines In Association with FWT | Freeride World Tour

Pangea Presents: The Front Lines In Association with FWT

Skiing is at the front line of climate change. Snow conditions are deteriorating year after year, especially in terms of elevation, leading to dangerous conditions in the mountains and an unpredictable future for the next generation of freeriders. As skiers, snowboarders, and mountain enthusiasts, we have a responsibility to protect the natural environments that we call home. It’s the biggest collective action problem in human history and everyone needs to do their part.

A group of young professional skiers and snowboarders explore the concerns surrounding climate change and investigate how the ski industry is responding to protect their future. By engaging in conversation with climate scientists, global brands, and leaders in snowsports, these young athletes must find ways to enjoy the mountains sustainably to make sure that their winters aren't lost forever.

The Front Lines Poster

Throughout this journey, the FWT was approached to deep-dive into the reality of our sport through the eyes of those who help write its story, including Michael Mawn, FWT professional snowboarder and Nicolas Hale-Woods, FWT Founder and CEO, and learn about our reality as well as our commitment and challenges.

We also took the time to sit with Michael to hear from him on his involvement and why he is trying to make the world a better place:


Interview with Michael Mawn

  • My hometown of Bozeman, MT suffered a massive forest fire in September of 2020. The fire was miles from my house and unfortunately took the homes of many people in our community.

  • I’m all for limiting my footprint, but I believe there is a balance to find while continuing to pursue my passion. As a rider, I would be unable to compete, pursue my athletic goals, and do what makes me happy if I did not fly overseas. Similarly, as an organization, we would be less effective at inspiring future generations to pursue the sport themselves if we did not film the competitions with a helicopter. That being said, I do believe is it important to try and travel smart when possible. I am cognizant of the fact that I fly across the Atlantic to compete. Once in Europe, I make an effort to carpool and/or take a train between competitions where possible.

  • In the USA, I often carpool to the mountain. My friends and I will meet up and ride together to our local hill. I often need to fly between states, but the flights are often less than an 1.5 hours. Unfortunately, our train system is not as great as Switzerlands! When I visit my family in Zurich, I’m able to take a train straight to the center of Engelberg and I wish we had that in the states!

  • My commitment for the next few years is to focus on utilizing public transportation systems while traveling, especially in Europe. Last year, I began utilizing the train system in Switzerland and Austria to get between ski resorts. My goal is to continue this while also carpooling as much as I can. Not only does this help me limit my footprint, but also scouting lines while driving through the Alps is always better with a crew ;)

  • I believe that an ideal world is one in which we have vehicles powered by renewable energy and sustainable sources of that energy. Right now, many areas don't have the power infrastructure to support a complete switch to EVs. I believe solar energy is a key aspect of making sustainable travel a reality. If we can use solar to power EVs, that would be ideal!

  • Reinventing my habits as a professional snowboarder doesn’t include many radical changes. Rather, it includes being mindful of my day-to-day decisions and small habits. For example, being mindful of energy consumption, carpooling, etc.

The FWT as a leader in the sport has a responsibility towards the fans, the athletes and the industry. We know we have room for improvement and this is why in 2020 we launched our sustainability program to drive our thinking and actions for the years to come. If would like to find out more you can by following this link