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The #myhomerun first prize winner is Edur Gorospe Roldan, Spain. Congrats!


The jury: Elisabeth Gerritzen, Laurent “Lolo” Besse, Kristofer Turdell, Henrik Windstedt

The #myhomerun jury members have made up their minds…and the first prize winner is Edur Gorospe Roldan from Spain. Edur, @edurgr, is part of the @overshootcrew and they posted a #myhomerun edit from New Zealand.

While working as a ski instructor and freeskiing coach, Edur met up with some local friends to try out the Ohau resort. They showed him their favorite runs! The resort only has one chairlift which takes you to the top of a bowl. Here Edur and his friends, could observe access point, snow conditions, and the safest way down of the run the wanted to try. They hiked up for about an hour until they got to the top, set up the drone, went to the entry point and finally dropped in. The jury loved the settings and the passion in the riding.

The first prize is a weekend for four during the FWT Verbier finals 2021. Congratulations!

All info about #myhomerun to be found at here

We still like skiers and snowboarders to use #myhomerun when posting their favorite runs.

Remember to always stay safe. Here is a short safety reminder video from RECCO and Peak Performance.