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Region 2 Kicks Off 2019 Season

With the 2018 season hardly over, there’s no time to rest as the Region 2 FWQ season is gearing up with the announcement of two new events in the Andes Region along with the return of the 2* Summer Shredfest event at Beartooth Basin, Montana in June.

The Beartooth 2* event – part of a four-day long summer ski and snowboard festival that includes whiskey tastings, an inspirational series of ShredX talks and boutique brand demo day – kicks off the 2019 season in Region 2. Scheduled from June 14-17, Summer Shredfest returns after a successful 2017 debut with additional activities along with a funky vibe and low-key, welcoming atmosphere that makes the event, according to Powder Magazine, “one of the all-time great ski gatherings.”

Photo (c) Freeride Sudamerica 2017

The summer-only ski area of Beartooth Basin hosts Summer Shredfest from June 14-17. This is the only summer FWQ event in North America and a not-to-be-missed start to the 2019 competition season.

After Montana, the attention turns to the Andes, where Freeride Chile and Freeride Sudamerica are activating a schedule that’s expanded and improved over 2017, with two new events and an upgraded competition at Chapelco, which is now a 3* level FWQ event.  

The Andes season kicks off with an August 3 date at Chile’s venerable La Parva. Hosted by Freeride Chile, this new competition taps into the fun, playful terrain of one of South America’s best ski areas. While event organizers won’t announce the final competition venue at this early date and will let Mother Nature do her thing first, La Parva is home to mouth-watering terrain and potential venue locations including the cliff-striated McConkey’s and the classic La Chimenea couloir, a nearly vertical hike-to tube that sits high about the ski area.

“We’ve spent the last year learning from our colleagues at the FWT, watching our local athletes find success at FWQ events in Europe and North America and we’re now ready to launch our 2018 winter competition season with renewed passion, organization and dedication to the sport of freeride,” says Freeride Chile’s Fernando Ochagava. “The La Parva event will be the perfect way to start the season in the Andes.”

Photo (c) Freeride Sudamerica 2017

Base Camp Farellones, just below La Parva in the historical action sports epicenter of Farellones, Chile, will be where all the cool people are hanging out during the La Parva competition. You’re planning on being there, right?

While the terrain and hospitality at La Parva will certainly be a highlight of the Andean calendar, other notable developments for the FWQ ecosystem in the region include the upgrading of the Chapelco Back Bowls competition from a 2* level to a 3* level event (see highlights from 2017 here) and the pending addition of a new 2* event for nearby Cerro Bayo to the schedule.

“My colleagues in Argentina are taking the final steps in nailing down on-snow logistics and a few other details for a new 2* competition hosted by Cerro Bayo,” says Freeride Sudamerica founder Tom Winter. “We hope to be able to announce complete event details including entry fees, accommodation options and other information for Cerro and the upgraded 3* event hosted by Chapelco shortly.”

After the FWQ competitions in Argentina, the action returns to Chile in September, with an additional two more stops on the calendar hosted by Freeride Chile: a 2* event at the hauntingly beautiful Antillanca and then another 2* competition at Corralco, a unique ski area nestled on the slopes of Lonquimay volcano, to close out the season.

Photo (c) Freeride Sudamerica 2017

Road Trip! This year’s Andean schedule is harmonized to maximize competition opportunities for local and visiting athletes alike. Regardless of how you decide to navigate this’s year’s Andean freeriding schedule, you’ll end up making friends for life and memories that will last forever.

Both of these locations are known for their stunning natural beauty and differ markedly from the rugged central Andes terrain surrounding La Parva. With unique flora and fauna, including ancient Araucaria (monkey puzzle) trees, many of which are more than 1000 years old, the volcanic landscapes of Antillanca and Corralco offer otherworldly venues that are unlike any other destination on the planet.

Worthy ski mountaineering summit destinations in their own right, the Antillanca and Lonquimay (Corralco) volcanoes feature long, playful ridges, windlips, bowls and gullies that provide freeriders with expressive terrain that entices and excites.

“We’re excited to return to Antillanca and Corralco,” says Ochigavia. “The terrain, the vistas and the hospitality at these locations are uniquely Chilean. They’re the perfect punctuation points to close out the FWQ competition season in the Andes.”

Photo (c) Freeride Sudamerica 2017

Chapelco’s 2017 event was one for the ages, with a weather hold giving way to perfect conditions. This year the 2* Chapeclo Back Bowls competition has been upgraded to 3* status. 

What you need to know:

Summer Shredfest runs from June 14-17 at Bearthooth Basin and Red Lodge Montana. Learn more about the 2* FWQ event and the other happenings at Shredfest by going here:

The provisional Andes 2018 Schedule is as follows:

2* La Parva (Chile)                  03 - 04 - 05 August 

2* Cerro Bayo (Argentina)      17 - 18 - 19 August - Pending

3* Chalpelco (Argentina)        23 - 25 - 26 August 

2* Antillanca (Chile)               07 - 08 - 09 September

2* Corralco (Chile)                    28 - 29 - 30 September

Currently only the La Parva, Antillanca, Corralco and Chapelco events are confirmed and finalized, with the final confirmation of the 2* event slated for Cerro Bayo pending. While it is unlikely, additional events may be added to the calendar. Remember that the Andes are big mountains with complex weather conditions and all events are subject to weather, safety and snow considerations. Make your travel plans accordingly.

Photo (c) Freeride Sudamerica 2017

It’s about the competition, but also about the people. The freeride community is small but strong in the Andes, and this year it’s certain that the experience of riding and competing in the Andes will bring together a global mix of like-minded people, creating everlasting friendships. 

You can keep up to date on all the developments with freeriding in the Andes by following Freeride Chile on Facebook here: and by following Freeride Sudamerica here: