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Revelstoke 4* Wrap Up by Mons Royale

Good vibes all round as Freeride World Qualifier brings enthusiastic athletes to Revelstoke!

An assortment of outstanding skiers and snowboarders from across North America and beyond descended on Revelstoke for the Freeride World Qualifier 4* event last week.  They enjoyed a generous helping of the technical terrain Revy has to offer as they competed for a spot on the Freeride World Tour.

Prime snow conditions meant that the talented riders were getting sendy all over the mountain.  With more snow and good vibes on the forecast, the only challenge was the lack of visibility.

The qualifying day was postponed because of the impenetrable fog and this weather day was wasted by no one.  Revelstoke was swarming with mighty ratpacks popping pillows and shredding the pow that JUST. KEPT. COMING. 

The qualifying day went ahead on the 11th in Separate Reality, with the finals in Lower North Bowl. The Revelstoke Mountain Resort team worked tirelessly to fuel the atmosphere at each venue. On both days an amped-up crowd turned out, frequently breaking into dance and enthusiastically cheering for each competitor as they backflipped and ollied their way through the natural features. Spectators also kept the event crew fired up during the long days with lashings of hot chocolate and friendly banter.

Crowds of enthusiastic spectators gather at the bottom of Separate Reality to watch the action and engage in some revelry

On both days participants put on a fantastic show, with a creative selection of lines taken utilising a range of cliffs and natural kickers. “It was awesome to see the competitors throwing down their biggest tricks on some of our most impressive in-bounds terrain," said Kevin Manuel, Director of Marketing at RMR. “The calibre of skiing and riding at this event continues to progress.”

Defending champion from the previous two Revelstoke FWQ’s Kai White was not disappointed to miss the top spot in 2018, the whole experience of this comp was too good for hard feelings:

“There was just such a good vibe on the mountain. I think the weather day was actually one of the best days I’ve had, just ripping around with awesome crews all day.”

The competitor and crowd’s psyche continued through to the prize-giving at an all-time high. 

A skier throws an impressive backflip at the FWQ 4* event

As a keepsake from Revelstoke, podium people in each category were awarded a life-size replica trophy of the much beloved buddy Gnorm the Gnome. Nicole Kelly (USA) took first place for women’s snowboarding, with Ben Smith (USA) taking the men’s title. Elsa Smith (USA) and Tom Peiffer (Whistler) came first in women’s and men’s skiing respectively.

The FWQ crew and their supporters celebrated this epic couple of days well into the night, bringing the hype from the mountain all the way downtown. Once again, RMR outdid itself as a competition venue and Ullr, God of Snow generously providing deep landings which 2018’s FWQ competitors will surely be re-playing in their sleep for months to come.

Text:  Emily Stone
Photos: Hywel Williams
Edit: Kai White + Scott Larlee