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Rider’s Playlist: Shannan Yates Top-10 Favorite Songs

"I don’t really listen to music while I'm riding, but getting the stoke up when headed to the hill and putting on your gear in the parking lot is pretty important! These songs always get me pumped! It's easy to visualize riding fun lines to these songs! No particular order just a bunch of awesomeness!"

Youtube playlist

  1. "Summer's Over" Guttermouth
  2. "Thrift Shop" Macklemore
  3. "Mountain Song" Jane's Addiction 
  4. "Ace of Spades" Motorhead
  5. "Posse on Broadway" Sir Mix-a-Lot
  6. "Rejected" Rancid
  7. "Fast and Frightening" L7
  8. "So What" Ministry
  9. "We Are 138" Misfits
  10. "Get It Together" Beastie Boys