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Tanner Hall (aka Ski Boss) is back for the FWT20. Making his Freeride World Tour debut during the 2019 season, Tanner's fluid style and creative approach to the mountain earned him second place in Hakuba and a spot on the FWT20. 

In the run up to the new FWT season, we caught up Tanner to reflect on freeriding, last season, and the upcoming FWT20. 


Hey Tanner, after winter 2019 how have you been preparing for the FWT20? 

I’ve been hitting the gym hard all summer long and been hiking in the mountains a lot. Changed up my diet and started eating a lot better and it’s been rad seeing and feeling a bit of a difference!

Tanner Hall Back for FWT20

With so much competition experience under your belt, do you still get nervous before you drop into your run? 

I definitely still get nervous and I think that’s natural to happen. If you're not nervous something might be wrong, things might not work out the way you wanted, so having nerves means you're alive and human.

What did you learn from the FWT19? 

A lot........Should be interesting going in for round 2.

Tanner Hall Back for FWT20

What FWT19 stop did you enjoy the most and why? 

 Japan for sure! The people were so rad and the Opening Ceremony was all time and was full of Japanese culture! Plus the snow was all time and the food and the Onsens, as a skier Japan is hard to beat!

Tanner Hall Back for FWT20

After such a successful and varied career, how has your perspective of skiing changed? Do the same things still inspire you?

No and that’s a good thing.......That’s why I think I’m still here with a lot of motivation. If your getting inspiration from the same things over and over ya not gonna progress or ya vibe will become stale! Taking inspiration from a bunch of different things keeps skiing and my skiing fresh to me to the point where I don’t get burnt out.

For any Rookies on the Tour this year what advice would you give them? 

Have fun and don’t let the stress get to ya!

Tanner Hall Back for FWT20

Thanks a lot Tanner, see you in Japan!

Tanner will be joining the full line up of 48 other athletes on this season's FWT. If you missed it, you can find the full line up of athletes for the FWT20 here.