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Update regarding riders who fell at FWT17 Fieberbrunn

Quick update regarding the different riders who fell yesterday:

Bene Mayr and Ivan Malakhov have been checked out at the hospital and are already back at the hotel resting. We are still waiting for an update on Jeremie Heitz (pain at his knee) who is being examined by the doctors.


Mark Mikos has broken his heel bone (feet) and will need a surgery to put/fasten the bone back.

About Dennis Risvoll, he has a broken hand and two fractured vertebras which don’t need surgery. He can move his legs and arms and will be able to stand/ walk as of tomorrow but will need to stay in the hospital for 2 to 3 weeks (in Austria and then in Norway) to rest and have his back healing.

We are sending you all our healing vibes guys! Have a good rest.

© Bene Mayr and Jeremie Heitz pictures