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Verbier Freeride Week by Dynastar 2022 Recap

Four Successful events took place during the 9th edition of the Verbier Freeride Week!

Verbier, Switzerland.

Vibes were high among athletes and staff during the Verbier Freeride Week by Dynastar 2022  that took place between Bruson and Verbier, on two very different faces, and different gradients. For the Qualifiers, there were three events, one rated 1*, and the two others were 2*. Riders from 17 nations (including New Zealand and Australia) were stoked about the opportunity to compete in three events within a week; allowing for scores to be earnt early in the season before the cut of the FWQ Finals.

At the beginning of the week, competitors were blessed with 30 cm of powder for the 1st event, and after a heavy dumping of snow on Sunday, conditions remained optimum all week.

Meanwhile, riders on the Freeride Junior Tour competed under sunny blue skies in the same location as the Qualifiers in Bruson for the Verbier Freeride Week Juniors by Dynastar 2*.

Riders and the public had the opportunity to take part in a Safety Workshop on Sunday the 9th of January, which went into detail on the prevention of mistakes resulting in avalanches with a run over of the important basics of searching theory.

 Photo by Greg Ceas - Participants opening their probes 


The competition took place in Bruson on the Pointe de Sesale with the steeper drops, and corridors being closed off. The top riders ranked per category were as followed:

  • Ski men: 1st Yann Zanolo (SUI), 2nd Benoît Lamour (FRA), 3rd Kevin Kobler (SUI)
  • Ski women: 1st Léa Chapuis (FRA), 2nd Colleen Pernet (IRL), 3rd Mia Brahms (GER)
  • Snowboard men: 1st Philipp Lanjus (AUT), 2nd Benoît Riatsch (SUI), 3rd Ander Benavides (ESP)
  • Snowboard women: 1st Anett Jakab (HUN), 2nd Tessa Beimer (ITA), 3rd Lilla Albert (HUN)

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The competition took place again on the Pointe de Sesale in Bruson, this time most of the face was open, with two finish lines to allow riders to get creative.

The top riders ranked per category were as followed:

  • Ski men: 1st Maxime Chabloz (SUI), 2nd Marius Perraudin (SUI), 3rd Paul Dentan (SUI)
  • Ski women: 1st Marte Tveten (NOR), 2nd Ludivine Bossel (SUI), 3rd Lara Paul (GER)
  • Snowboard Men: 1st Niklas Meindl (SUI), 2nd Alex Rufibach (SUI), 3rd Florian Bouvet Fournier (SUI)
  • Snowboard Women: 1st Tiphanie Perrotin (FRA), 2nd Scarlett Veitch (GBR), 3rd Léa Klaue (SUI)

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The last qualifiers competition of the week took place on Shleronde face in Verbier, allowing for more challenging conditions for riders, and cliffs to be dropped. The top riders per category were as followed:

  • Ski men: 1st Maxime Chabloz (SUI), 2nd Philipp Koller (AUT), 3rd Paul de Pourtalès (SUI)
  • Ski women: 1st Ludivine Bossel (SUI), 2nd Léa Chapuis (FRA), 3rd Lara Paul (GER)
  • Snowboard men: 1st Alex Rufibach (SUI), 2nd Lucas Muñoz De Morales Pinazo (SPA), 3rd Cedric Giraudeau (FRA)
  • Snowboard women: 1ST Tiphanie Perrotin (FRA), 2nd Sarah Paratore (SUI), 3rd Melissa Brander (GRB)

For all the results, click here.

View from the start gate on the Shleronde face in Verbier Ⓒ Greg Ceas

FJT 2* COMPETITION (U-18,U-16, U-14)

On Saturday 15th of January, it was the turn of Juniors to showcase their skills on the Pointe de Sesale in Bruson. The top riders per category were as followed.


  • Ski men: 1st Luke McConnell (NZL), 2nd Paddy Derder (SUI), 3rd Dylan Moynes (CAN)
  • Ski women: 1st Sonja Taudien (SUI) , 2nd Mila De Le Rue (FRA), 3rd Alizée Grivel (SUI)
  • Snowboard men : 1st Pol Sabidó Juvé (ESP), 2nd Jonas Aschillier (SUI), 3rd Noa Marie (FRA)


  • Ski men : 1st Johan Bachofner (SUI), 2nd Théo Schüler (SUI), 3rd Balthazar Gay (SUI)


  • Ski men : 1st Noam Rouiller (SUI), 2nd Mathieu Gillioz (SUI), 3rd Robin Vouillamoz (SUI)
  • Ski women: 1st Ellysaiya Haddad (SUI)
  • Snowboard men: Kéo Rouiller (SUI)
  • Snowboard women: Carla Sabidó Juvé (ESP)

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Ⓒ Greg Ceas

This season will be very exciting, and tense with the upcoming qualification for the FWQ finals in the beginning of March of the preliminary round (Round 1) finishes. The top-ranked FWQ riders will gain qualification into their region’s FWQ finals: after the FWQ4* at Silvretta Montafon (19-22 February) for Region 1, and after the FWQ4* Taos (1-5 March) for Region 2. For the Juniors, the best riders from each region and country will face off at the Freeride World Championships by Dynastar in Kappl (26th- 29th Jan), so don’t forget to tune into our live stream.

With La Rosière Freeride Week, Revelstoke IFSA FWQ 4* and Kicking Horse IFSA FWQ 2* in region 2, rankings can change all the time. Stay tuned!