21 December 2023

First Freeride Turns -Workshop in Verbier!

Your child is seeking a new adventure? Experience your first freeride turns in a safe environment together with the certified coach from the ESS Verbier. Sign up today to secure your spot in the “First Freeride Turns Workshop" in Verbier taking place on 07.01.23.

What to expect

You will learn the fundamentals of freeriding as well as riding with a Freeride coach and learn about the FWT world and its competitions. The workshop is designed to open the world of freeriding to children between 8 and 12 and their parents by providing you with your first freeride coaching session as well as an overview of FWT events and how to start into freeride competitions.


  • When: 07.01.24, 9:00-12:00
  • Where: Verbier
  • Who: Kids aged 8 to 12 (Parents are welcome!)
  • What: riding with an Academy coach, introduction into FWT world, mountain safety breakdown


There is a limited capacity of only 25 spots available. To secure participation, please complete the registration form located below. Ensure your child has the opportunity to engage in the world of freeriding within a secure and supportive environment.