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FWT Challenger Calendar Announcement

The calendar for the prestigious FWT Challenger has dropped, featuring new venues that promise high-intensity action from the world’s best-to-be freeride athletes. This is the final hurdle to qualify for FWT25, where future stars of the sport will emerge following seven epic events spanning multiple countries across Europe and North America. 

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Who will rise from the SHADOWS AND into the spotlight? Results from these seven events will give us the answer…


Only the top four male and two female skiers, and two male and one female snowboarder in each region, will be crowned FWT Challenger Champion and qualify for the FWT Pro.

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Snowboard Women

Anna Martinez

Anna Martinez, a French snowboarder, has officially joined the FWT24 roster, having clinched the top spot overall in the Region 1 Challengers Series. With a history of podium finishes, the women's snowboard category should be prepared to witness her distinct skills and style as she takes on the competition in the upcoming season.
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Ski men

Weitien Ho

During the summer months, Wei Tien Ho, a dedicated enduro mountain biker based in Whistler, British Columbia, achieved a remarkable feat by clinching the title of Canadian National Champion not once but twice, in both 2022 and 2023. His impressive skills and unwavering determination have firmly established him as a dominant force in the Canadian mountain biking scene. Can't wait to see what the freeride big league will bring to Wei !
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Snowboard Men

Brian Stenerson

Roaming North America in his trusty van for freeride competitions and various events, Brian discovered his deep-seated passion for splitboarding and conquering the majestic mountains when his love for snowboarding led him to Tahoe in 2011. If you have the chance to meet him, don't hesitate to inquire about his countless splitboarding escapades, often accompanied by his faithful canine companion, Rocker! The only question left is: Will Rocker be present for the Xtreme Verbier final show?
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Ski men

Martin Bender

With just one season on the FWT Qualifier under his belt, Martin's exceptional skills earned him a coveted spot in the FWT24. Martin Bender emerged from the FWT Verbier Academy. In a dazzling display of technical prowess and thrilling riding, he claimed 2022 Junior World Title in the ski men category by conquering the Quellspitze venue in Kappl, Austria. This achievement adds to his already impressive list of results, including the title of Swiss Junior Downhill Champion in mountain biking.
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Ski Women

Lydia Nelsen

Lydia Nelsen put down a dominant performance in the Americas FWT Qualifier 2023, taking home two out of three wins. With FWT24 a few months away, we're getting more and more excited to see what's to come !
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Ski Women

Astrid Cheylus

French freerider from La Clusaz, Astrid Cheylus, the French freerider, has been carving her path alongside her older brother, Edgar, for the past few years. Despite boasting multiple titles in her skiing career, Astrid doesn't limit herself to just the slopes. During the summer months, you can find her pursuing various adrenaline-fueled activities such as skateboarding, wakeboarding, surfing, kitesurfing, and more. Perhaps finding competition in freeride skiing a bit too easy for her, Astrid has taken on a new challenge by venturing into the GKA Kite World Tour during the summer of 2023.
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Challenger events feature the best Qualifier athletes, as well as the Pros who miss the Cut for the FWT Finals.

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