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FWT Challenger

Introduced in 2022, the FWT Challenger is a series of high-pressure events between Pro freeriders and FWT Qualifiers who compete to qualify for the following year's FWT Pro circuit.
The FWT Pro Roster is made up of professional riders who haven't accumulated enough points to pass THE CUT and the top FWT Qualifier athletes from each region (Region 1: Europe-Asia-Ociania and Region: America).
The pressure on all riders is intense, but this series offers a golden opportunity for relegated FWT riders to requalify - or for others to qualify for the first time.

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A series of high-pressure events to determine who earns a spot on the FWT Pro.

The FWT Challenger by Orage series is divided into two regions: Region 1, which includes Europe, Asia and Oceania, and Region 2, which includes North and South America. Riders compete in their respective regions in the FWT Qualifier, and the best of them earn a place in the FWT Challenger series, the final stage before qualification for the FWT. This system brings out the best in riders from all over the world and ensures that they all have a chance of qualifying.

The road to the Freeride World Tour

from grassroots competitions to the elite, this is the Road to the Freeride world tour.

The climax of the season

Challenger events are of considerable importance to all FWT-qualified riders, as they determine who qualifies for the FWT Pro the following season, and generate considerable anticipation and excitement among participants and fans alike. These events are the high point of the season, where dreams come true and new stars are born.

Many excellent riders have used the series as a springboard to compete at the highest level alongside the world's best freeriders on the FWT. Riders like Anna Martinez, Martin Bender and Astrid Cheylus are perfect examples, emerging from the FWT Challenger to find themselves in contention for the World Champion title in their respective categories.

Orage becomes the main sponsor of the FWT Challenger series

In a significant move, FWT Challenger and Orage announced a partnership for the next three years. Orage becomes the main sponsor of the FWT Challenger series. This collaboration aims to reinvigorate the series with new energy and opportunities for emerging talent.
Orage's deep passion for skiing and mountain culture resonates with the ethos of the series, marking a promising step forward in promoting the evolution of the sport.

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