The competition

FWT Qualifier

Nurturing and enhancing the abilities and potential of emerging athletes.

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Over 60 events held across the globe

The primary objective of the world qualification circuit is to nurture and enhance the abilities and potential of emerging athletes. This is accomplished through a series of 60 events held across the globe, with 40 of them taking place in Europe.

The road to the Freeride World Tour

from grassroots competitions to the elite, this is the Road to the fwt.

Four levels of events exclusively for adults.

  • One-star events are considered the entry-level events and are relatively easier compared to the others.
  • Two-star events provide a slightly higher level of difficulty and competition.
  • Three-star events offer an even more challenging experience for the participants.
  • Four-star events are the most prestigious and fiercely competitive events at the Qualifier level.

A platform TO progress

These events provide a platform for athletes to earn points. The scoring system is based on the star ranking of the qualifying events, which range from 1 to 4 stars. The event region is divided into two regions: Region 1 (Europe, Asia, and Oceania) and Region 2 (USA, Canada, Chile, and Argentina).

Among the Qualifier level events, the four-star events hold the highest significance and prestige. The selection process for these events is based on a comprehensive global seeding list. Four-star events offer the most ranking points, and a rider's overall ranking is determined by their three best results from all events in the current season.

Based on the rankings, the most accomplished Qualifier riders are then given the opportunity to compete in the prestigious FWT Challenger series. Challenger events are the highlight of the season for all Qualifier riders, as they play a crucial role in determining which riders will qualify for the FWT Pro in the following season.


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