Membership Information

Are you a member of the Freeride World Tour family or planning to become one?
This page contains all important information relative to your membership.

Becoming a member

To participate in the competition, you must first become a member, create your profile, and obtain a license.

Every rider, wildcards included, must acquire a membership in order to compete. Please note that competing without a license will result in the inability to claim earned points, even if a membership is obtained after the competition. Ensure that you provide your real name during registration, as it is required for insurance purposes. Join us now and showcase your skills in an exciting and competitive environment!

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Registering for an event

Once you have purchased your current season membership, you are eligible to register for events.

During the registration period of an event, you can log in and register by using the above-mentioned links. Registration dates will be announced on the website. Generally speaking, registration will open on July 6 for the Southern Hemisphere and on December 1st for the Northern Hemisphere, and close about 4 weeks prior to the event (this may differ for events in the Region 2 - Americas).

When logged in, you can register for a competition by clicking on "Events" in the menu and then choosing your own category. You need a valid credit card to complete the registration process, but as long as you are on the waiting list, the registration fee will only be held on your credit card. Please note that this step only puts you on the waiting list of a competition, and you do not yet know if you will be selected to compete. Riders will be selected based on the so-called seeding list, which is formulated by the best 3 results of a rider during the past 52 weeks. New riders who are just starting out to compete will have zero points on that seeding list. Therefore, rookies and riders who are ranked low will have better chances to be accepted at 1* and 2* events in the beginning. That way, they can collect points and climb up in the rankings, which will make it easier to enter 3* and 4* events.

One day after the registration period has ended, every selected rider will receive an invitation email announcing that they were selected for this event. If a rider does not want to accept the invitation, they must cancel within three days, and the spot will be given to the next rider on the waiting list. Without cancellation, the participation will be confirmed, and the credit card will be charged.

For more detailed information on how memberships and the registration process work, do not hesitate to read our Frequently Asked Questions (coming soon...). If you would like to dig a little deeper, head over to the rules section.

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Riders Rulebooks

The rules are in place to ensure the safety of the athletes, the fairness of competition and, ultimately, to promote the best freeriding in the arena of live competition.

If you are a Region 2 rider, then please see IFSA Handbooks regarding current rules in Region 2:

Liability Waiver

In order to compete on any FWT event, riders must read and sign a liability and image waiver during the registration process.

Without signing the waiver it will not be possible to register for competitions or memberships.

If the Athlete is a minor under applicable law, the signature of the Athlete's parent or legal guardian is required.

The waivers can be downloaded here or directly in the member section (once logged in) where the signed waivers will be uploaded.

Below you will find the Liability Waiver in French, English, German, and Spanish for both Qualifier and Junior athletes.

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