7 February 2024

Orage joins forces as presenting partner of the FWT Challenger Series

FWT & Orage will collaborate for the next three years.

In a significant development, FWT and Orage have joined forces, announcing a new partnership. This agreement marks Orage’s ascension as the presenting partner of the FWT Challenger. Orage, a brand that was born from a profound passion for skiing and a deep-seated love of the mountains, is now stepping into the limelight.


“Since his genesis, Orage was built around progressive snowsports, skiers’ aspirations and authenticity. It only made sense that in this brand’s new era, Orage would cross paths with an initiative as candid and grassroots at the FWT Challenger series. With the intention of supporting the sport we love and its aspiring athletes, we’re extremely excited to bring a new flavor to a dynamic addition to the Superbowl of Freeriding.”

Simon Brizard, Head Of Brand - Orage
Nendaz Challenger Victor Hale-Woods - ©LevyLoye

Having a brand like Orage, known for its commitment to the sport and the environment, stepping in as the presenting sponsor of this competition series sends a powerful signal. It’s a true testament to the recognition and legitimacy that the FWT Challenger series has earned over the years. The FWT Challenger series was designed as a stepping stone to the FWT, serving as a platform for emerging talent to showcase their skills, and has seen a surge in interest from media outlets and fans from all over the world.

Now, this series is evolving into the FWT Challenger by Orage. We are thrilled and energized by this development. Our commitment to building up this series remains steadfast, backed by a long-term vision and a solid foundation. We are eager for what the future holds and excited to continue promoting the sport we love so much.

Nendaz Challenger Martin Bender - ©LevyLoye

freeride world tour

“The FWT Challenger is the stepping stone to the FWT Pro, showcasing the future of the sport through its intense competition. The level of skill exhibited here is exceptionally high, reflecting the sport’s continuous evolution. We are very proud to associate this series with Orage, a brand that has upheld freeriding as its core value since its foundation.”

Nicolas Hale-Woods, Freeride World Tour CEO

The FWT Challenger calendar gets more intense and attractive every year. And FWT is proud to collaborate with such renowned resorts, which make these events even more special.

FWT Challenger - Verbier

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