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The road to the Freeride World Tour

from grassroots competitions to the elite, this is ThE SPORT PYRAMID EXPLAINED.

2023 Junior world champions

Ski men

Marcus Goguen

Marcus Goguen stormed out of the gates with a couple of huge, steezy clean airs, completing the top section in no time. But it was his entry into the ‘halfpipe’ that will be remembered for some time, throwing a ginormous corked three and putting it to bolts. He wasn’t finished there, hucking himself off two more big cliffs with ease.
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Snowboard Men

Kea Chretien

Kea Chretien took the win with a fast, fluid run from top to bottom. He started with a small air out of the gates, then sent a huge air off the ‘mushroom cliff’ while keeping the fluidity and speed maxed out to the finish line.
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Ski Women

Zoé Delzoppo

Zoé Delzoppo showed technique and style throughout her run to claim the win. Her skiing looked fluid and in control, starting with an air at the top of the course, before she shredded the ‘halfpipe’ and sent two airs deep in a row with little hesitation.
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Snowboard Women

Lila Yeoman

Lila Yeoman displayed her big mountain prowess by choosing a gnarly line with steep, technical terrain. She showed incredible sluff control in the thick of it, before boosting out into the wide-open terrain below and into victory.
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