22 November 2023

YETI Freeride Junior World Championships by Dynastar 2024

The top-ranked young athletes from regions 1 and 2 will show down in the Yeti Freeride Junior World Championships by Dynastar in late January. Riders will be treated to the vast powder fields of Kappl in the Tyrolean Alps, an ideal freeride playground where a ‘first line experience’ is all but guaranteed for those who venture into the backcountry. This competition offers the perfect stepping stone for aspiring freeriders to reach the FWT, as demonstrated by Marcus Goguen's journey, who is now competing at the top level and even secured an impressive second place at Kicking Horse Golden BC last year. 

Without further ado, here is the roster for the 2024 FJWC…

Ski men

31 riders will participate in the ski men’s category, comprising the best up-and-coming athletes from a wide range of countries. 

Region 1

  • Shinnosuke Tanaka (JPN)
  • Ethan McLean (NZL)
  • Sam Riddle (NZL)
  • Balder Wåge (NOR)
  • Noah Peizerat (FRA)
  • Arno Vuarnier (SUI)
  • Andreas Bakke (NOR)
  • Arnaud Reymond (FRA)
  • Alex Williams (SUI)
  • Didrik Opsann (NOR)
  • Alexander Aulin (NOR)
  • Loïc Perraudin (SUI)
  • Arthur Rolland (FRA)
  • Nico Traxl (AUT)
  • Patrick Lehnert (GER)
  • Noé Vouillamoz (SUI)
  • Hugo Solorzano (ESP)
  • Axel Dedieu (ESP)

Region 2

  • Tyler Blocker (USA)
  • Hayes Livernois (USA)
  • Luke Miele (USA)
  • Paul Melchert (USA)
  • Austin Pickett (USA)
  • Wyatt Gentry (USA)
  • Evan Kim (USA)
  • Larson Griffin (USA)
  • Wheatley Michael (USA)
  • Bennett Lukas (CAN)
  • Gascoigne Kane (CAN)
  • Ferguson Kieren (CAN)
  • Nate Wilson (CAN)

Ski women

13 riders comprise the ski women’s category, featuring a mix of freeride specialists and freestyle-orientated riders.

Region 1 

  • Victoria Troubat (FRA)
  • Jana Hausl (AUT)
  • Elfy Rouiller (SUI)
  • Ida Feen (NOR)
  • Ingrid Wahlberg (SWE)
  • Kornelia Jaere (NOR)
  • Poppy Freeman (NZL)
  • Mila De le Rue (FRA)

Region 2

  • Indy Boyer (USA)
  • Tia Schenk (USA)
  • Lynsey Nagle (USA)
  • Drea Dimma (CAN)
  • Kayla Constantini (CAN)

snowboard men

13 riders make up this category, including Kea Chretien, who is back to defend his title after an impressive win last season.  

Region 1

  • Temma Tamai (JPN)
  • Keani Wilson (NZL)
  • Vaughn Hardwick (AUS)
  • Kea Chretien (FRA)
  • Casper Kantermo (SWE)
  • Adrian Hovland (NOR)
  • Henry Edmondson (AUS)
  • Leonardo Schweizer (GER)

Region 2

  • Elijah Singer (USA)
  • Finn Eisenman (USA)
  • Sebastian Lerner (USA)
  • Curran Hall (USA)
  • Sam Briggs (USA)

snowboard women

The snowboard women’s category is comprised of 10 riders, including Lila Yeoman, who is returning to defend her title.   

Region 1

  • Hana Kinoshita (JPN)
  • Eléonore Ansanay Alex (FRA)
  • Rebecca Mayrs (GBR)
  • Leire Perez Saeta (ESP)
  • Alice Ricci (FRA)
  • Brooke Hansen (NZL)

Region 2

  • Lila Yeoman (USA)
  • Mia Jones (USA)
  • Emma Hyon (USA)
  • Teagan Turner (USA)

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