12 March 2024

FWT Challenger by Orage Region 2 Roster announcement

Athletes from across the Americas to show down for their ticket to Freeride World Tour 2025

The roster for Region 2 of the FWT Challenger by Orage has been released following the FWT Cut, featuring a talented line-up of FWT relegated athletes looking to re-qualify, and the top IFSA FWT Qualifier riders wanting to step up into the big league. Region 2 competitions are organized by IFSA and entails both North and South American riders, who have been pushing the level of riding into unchartered territory this year, both in the FWT and the FWT Qualifiers.

FWT Challenger 2024 calendar recap – Region 2

  • 2024 Crested Butte IFSA FWT Challenger: March 14-16
  • 2024 Silverton IFSA FWT Challenger: March 26-27
  • 2024 Kirkwood IFSA FWT Challenger: April 1-4

And here’s the roster…

2024 FWT relegated riders

Ski Men

This year, a super-tight roster in the Ski Men category has forced many talented riders to return to the FWT Challengers.

  • WeiTien Ho (CAN)
  • Kendall Goodman (USA)
  • Dillon Flinders (USA)
  • Jackson Bathgate (CAN)
  • Colton Shaff (USA)

Ski Women

The level of skiing this year in the Ski Women’s category is the highest ever witnessed. These three gifted athletes will go back to the FWT Challengers and face off with the next generation.

  • Molly Armanino (USA)
  • Addison Rafford (USA)
  • Lydia Nelsen (USA)

Snowboard Men

Despite their fluid riding style, these two riders didn't make it to the FWT Finals, and are relegated to again prove their place alongside the world’s best freeriders. 

  • Warren Doyle (USA)
  • Brian Stenerson (USA)

Snowboard Women

There will be no FWT-relegated riders in the women's snowboard category.

Qualified riders from Region 2

Here are the riders from the IFSA FWT Qualifiers who will be battling against the FWT 2024 relegated riders of Region 2 in the FWT Challenger by Orage.

Ski Men

  • Nacho Bertona (ARG)
  • Dante Ginaca (ARG)
  • Fynn Powell (NZL)
  • Isaac Huber (FRA)
  • Westan Lubin (USA)
  • Henry Zakowski (USA)
  • Skyler Kauf (USA)
  • Calum MacAllister (GBR)
  • Tyler Curle (USA)
  • Chanc Deschamps-Prescott (USA)
  • Tams Marvell (FRA)
  • Jeremie Paquette (CAN)
  • Brodie Jensen (CAN)
  • Turner Barbour (USA)
  • Julian Bennett (USA)
  • Lach Powell (NZL)
  • Samuel Heller (USA)
  • Lochlan Harvey (CAN)
  • Oliver Smith (USA)
  • Cal Hill (USA)
  • Finn Griffith – WC
  • Cooper Bathgate – WC
  • Tom Pieffer – WC
  • Santiago Aparicio – WC
  • Leif Mumma – WC
  • Toby Rafford – WC

Ski Women

  • Agostina Vietti (ARG)
  • Delilia Quinn (USA)
  • Lucy Leishman (CAN)
  • Jessie Violet (NZL)
  • Avery Bernholtz (USA)
  • Marika Hanson (USA)
  • Chloe Hehir (USA)
  • Kestrel Sullivan (USA)
  • Britta Winans (USA)
  • Elena Messner (USA)
  • Mia Winans (USA)
  • Jess Hotter – WC
  • Valerie Festavan – WC
  • Hazel Harris – WC
  • Piper Kunst – WC

Snowboard Men

  • Tadeo Leslie (ARG)
  • Tavo Sadeg (USA)
  • Brian Bozack (USA)
  • Tilden Wooley (USA)
  • Paxton Smith (USA)
  • Isaac Singer (USA)
  • Steven Bailey (USA)
  • Nigel Ziegler (CAN)
  • Charles Somerville (CAN)
  • Conrad Niven (USA)
  • Jared Yanez (USA)
  • Dade Bunnell (USA)
  • Blake Hamm – WC

Blake Hamm

“I feel very fortunate for the opportunity to compete in the FWT Challenger events, and I appreciate the hard work that IFSA does to make these events special. I'm looking forward to being back on a competitive stage. Between FWT athletes Warren Doyle and Brian Stenerson, as well as legend Brian Bozack and all the other up-and-comers, the level of riding is going to be crazy! North America always breeds some wicked snowboarders, and I feel lucky to be amongst them on the FWT Challenger series.”

Blake Hamm – Wildcard Region 2

Snowboard Women

  • Isidora Assler (CHL)
  • Macarena Bravo (CHL)
  • Audrey Hebert (CAN)
  • Kaiya Hanepan (USA)
  • Ashley Epis (USA)
  • Emma Hall (USA)
  • Jamie Figuiera (CAN)
  • Megan Gard (USA)
  • Natalie Allport (CAN)
  • Autumn Hudson (USA)
  • Michaela Davis Meehan – WC
  • Lila Yeoman – WC

Who will earn their place alongside the world’s best freeriders in 2025? Tune in to find out, as all FWT Challenger events will be broadcast LIVE at In the meantime, stay tuned to the FWT social channels for all the latest updates as they drop.