8 July 2024

New FWT Challenger Format introduced in R1 for 2025

The FWT Challenger is entering a new era, welcome to the FWT Challenger 2.0.


Keeping the progression of the Sports at the forefront, the Challenger Tour has proven to be an exciting competition platform that has accelerated the emergence of new incredible talents globally. Nonetheless, the format that has existed so far has had many constraints from a calendar and weather conditions levels, among other aspects.

In order to move toward a more sustainable competition format, the new FWT Challenger will take place from January to March, offering 6 events in Region 1, Europe-Asia-Oceania. The 3 events in Region 2, the Americas, will remain unchanged.

In a nutshell

Following the past two seasons of the FWT Challengers, we’ve learned a lot and have heard from the riders themselves to improve the format toward a more sustainable competition format.

3 angles were tackled in these changes:

  • Format adjustments for better conditions There's a high risk of insufficient Challenger events with optimal weather in March and April. To maintain fair qualification and quality events, we must adjust the system.
  • Creating a strong and sustainable second league We aim to create a robust series using the "Challenger Qualification List". This list, based on season-end rankings, will invite riders to the next season's Challenger series. The top athletes will vie for a spot on the FWT Pro Tour, offering them more exposure and career growth opportunities. This sustainable approach will also reduce their travel and expenses.
  • Field Retention and Rotation Approximately 67% of Challenger series riders will re-qualify for the next season, with the remaining 33% replaced by top Qualifier series riders, maintaining a competitive field.

Main changes

The FWT Challenger season will now begin on January 1st and conclude with the final Challenger event of the season in March.

Selection for the FWT Challenger will be based on the "2025 Challenger Qualifying List," which takes into account each athlete's three best results from the previous season. This list may include results from all series: FWT Pro, FWT Challenger, FWT Qualifier, and FWT Junior.

A separate FWT Challenger ranking will be established using the best results from all FWT Challenger events. You can find the point system in the updated rulebook.

Please note that FWT Pro riders will not be permitted to participate in any FWT Challenger events during the season, barring one-event Wild Cards.

The FWT Challenger rankings will be used to allocate qualification spots for the next season's FWT Pro. These spots will be divided equally between the two regions, totaling 8 for Ski Men, 4 for Ski Women, 4 for Snowboard Men, and 3 for Snowboard Women.

DISCOVER new rulebooks

Learn more about the changes in the FWT Challenger competition format and point system in the updated Rule Book.